It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. People are queuing up to get one over on you so if you want to get ahead you have to ignore all the rules. Today’s business world is an all-in wrestling match with no holds barred.

Or that’s what we’re frequently told today at least. But that isn’t a world that many small business owners recognise; neither is it one in which they want to live. (I know I wouldn’t.) Many entrepreneurs that I speak to still believe in the traditional values of commonsense, reasonableness and fairness. They’re straight with people and expect people to be straight with them.

We at Hiscox are proud to share these traditional values. People can be cynical about insurers. They are sometimes viewed as making big promises but then hiding behind the small print when there’s a crisis. Although I can understand that view, it’s painful for me because I don’t want my company to be wrongly tarred with that brush.

At Hiscox we like to think of ourselves as being unique. We believe that our customers are honest. In our opinion, they’re hardworking people who, if they make a claim, do so because they’ve suffered a loss, not because they want to get one over on us. It’s traumatic for you if there’s a fire at work or your firm is sued, because your livelihood might be on the line. What you need is advice and reassurance, not to be given the third degree to find out if you’re committing a scam.

For us it’s about aiming to be as good as our word. That’s the cornerstone of our business. It’s also the theme of our new marketing campaign, which is being shown on TV and cinema screens. I hope it strikes a chord with you. Let me know what you think of the ad, by either replying to this blog or by sending me a tweet at!/annabelvenner