Get your business seen online and make it safe.

The opportunity for businesses to accelerate their growth and productivity by making better use of digital technology is there for the taking, according to an authoritative study by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

We’ve partnered with a dynamic UK company, Talent Cupboard, to offer our business customers a range of solutions to help them get the most out of being online.

Rate your website

Get a free personalised report from Talent Cupboard to assess how well your website works. The analysis takes a few seconds and produces a practical report.

Get a website

If your business does not have a website, Talent Cupboard can build one for you. Talent Cupboard build bespoke websites with no up-front costs – all for a low monthly fee.

Build a social presence

Social media is an effective way to get your business in front of more people. Talent Cupboard offers a cost-effective package to establish your presence on social media.