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NEW: Cyber Readiness Report 2022

Our annual Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report highlights that the number of firms facing attacks has risen, and cyber attacks are becoming more severe. What’s more, small and mid-size businesses are bearing the brunt – firms with revenues of $100,000 to $500,000 now get as many attacks as those in the $1million to $9million bracket. Click here to read more about the findings.

What's your cyber risk?

We have created a new infographic for our UK brokers to use with their clients to help them understand their cyber risk and put security measures in place to minimise their exposure. 


Claims Today - September 2021

In this month's Claims Today we have three case studies to share from a flooded house through to a ransomware attack.  We also spotlight on LeakBot, the smart water leak detector that spots hidden leaks before they become devastating.  

NEW Hiscox 606 Home Insurance brochure

We have created a new client facing, interactive landing page brochure for our 606 Home Insurance.

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NEW: Q1 cyber claims report 2021

In a pattern similar to last year, critical vulnerabilities drove up claim numbers again for Q1 2021, with Hiscox seeing a rise in incidents such as telephone hacks, data destruction and cryptojacking.

Hiscox Risk Academy launches to help businesses better manage their health, safety and risk management

Free online portal for Hiscox clients – available only through brokers – will reduce costs and help businesses reduce the frequency and severity of accidents and mishaps.


The ongoing impact of Brexit and Covid19 on claim costs

Brexit continues to have a major impact on availability and cost of materials and labour.  This is now being compounded by Covid19 and changes to freight costs.

This article from Contractor Connection, a division of Crawford and Company, looks at what is happening and why.

NEW: Cyber Readiness Report 2021

The proportion of businesses targeted by cyber criminals in the past year increased from 38% to 43%, according to the Hiscox Cyber Readiness report 2021.  Over a quarter of those targeted experienced 5 attacks or more.

Now in its fifth year, click here to read more about the findings.

Customers vote Hiscox top for Claims Satisfaction - home insurance

We are delighted to have won a 2021 Consumer Intelligence Award after being voted as one of top 10 insurers for Claims Satisfaction - home insurance by householders.  Find out more here!

Going the extra mile: Hiscox 606 Home Insurance

The last year has brought about a dramatic change in lifestyles.  As a result, a number of changes have been made to the Hiscox 606 Home Insurance policy to better reflect the different circumstances in which people find themselves.  Find out more here.

NEW: Cyber Claims Report 2020

Although cyber risk is not new, the overnight shift in business models led to major changes in technologies used, and how they were used.  Speed-to-market and security don't often go hand-in-hand.

This report looks at the trends and forecasts what could change during 2021.


"Silent Cyber": recent changes to policy wordings

The growth of cyber exposures in recent years has lead to a requirement for clarity in policy wordings around whether insurance cover would, or would not, respond to cyber-related incidents.

We have recently updated our policy wordings to set out our position more clearly.  Find out more here.


Top five Cyber risks in 2021

The global cyber risk landscape quickly shifted in 2020, affecting businesses across all sizes and sectors. The impact of COVID-19 was felt with increased phishing email success in March; however, it also heightened awareness of cyber risks for both consumers and businesses. So what’s next?


Crawford & Company: Data Driven - Escape of water

We read this report from Crawford & Company about escape of water and thought some of the statistics were really insightful. This may be of interest to some of our brokers as an explanation from industry experts of price increases when clients have not personally experienced a claim.

People in profile: Alan Chandler

It’s fair to say that if you work in the insurance industry, you will probably have heard of Alan Chandler. He’s one of the most popular and widely used trainers in the industry, both in the UK and in Europe. Alan ran two webinars for Hiscox brokers in 2020 on the Hard Market. His next webinar on 1 March will focus on the Ogden Rate. 


Free legal documents, guides and advice services for your Hiscox Commercial Legal Expenses clients

Your Commercial Legal Expenses (CLEI) business clients have free access to DASbusinesslaw which provides online legal documents and guides to help them manage their exposure to legal risk, as well as free, unlimited, access to a 24/7 legal advice helpline.


LeakBot: NEW monitor multiple properties on one app

LeakBot is a smart water-leak detector that clips onto a main water pipe and alerts users of the earliest signs of a leak via an app. Your customers can claim a free LeakBot, for each property that they own, where buildings cover on Hiscox 606 Home Insurance is purchased.