Claims Today: April 2019

This month we put a spotlight on Customer Care Solutions and are pleased to confirm the Hiscox UK Claims team has been shortlisted for the Insurance Times Customer Care Solution of the Year award. We also provide a round-up of professional indemnity claims as well as a motor claim example. 

Claims Today: March 2019

This month we put a spotlight on our new cyber insurance product, Hiscox CyberClear. We also provide a round-up of property claims as well as some cyber and commercial claim examples. 

Stop the press: what does fake news mean for businesses?

Donald Trump is obsessed with it, it’s labelled a ‘sin’ by Pope Francis and was named the 2017 Word of the Year by Collins Dictionary, but don’t be fooled – fake news is nothing new.

Is technology really making you more productive?

Does technology always equal productivity? For Jane Duncan, Vice President of Capgemini Invent the simple answer is no. ‘But it’s useful to look at different user groups and contexts. In some cases, technology can equal productivity for some populations, but less so for others… There are different winners and losers.’

Claims Today: February 2019

This month we put a spotlight on our Claims Leadership, with Grace Hanson taking the helm of Group Claims Director when Jeremy Pinchin retires this year after 13 years of service at Hiscox. We also provide a round-up of private client, professional indemnity and commercial claims examples. 

Claims Today: January 2019

This month we put a spotlight on our Real World Hack campaign and provide a round-up of private client, professional indemnity and commercial claims. 

Claims Today: December 2018

This month we provide a round-up of professional indemnity and private client claims.

People Stories: Barry Taylor

When he's not working as Senior Development Underwriter for Hiscox, ­Barry Taylor could be relaxing with family and friends. Instead, he’s out tackling fires and other emergencies as an on-call firefighter with Surrey Fire and Rescue

December Regulatory Bulletin: Brexit

Our Brexit plans are progressing well, and our intention is for the structural changes that our plan requires to be made by 1 January 2019.  Ahead of the festive season, there are a few important things for you to be aware. 

Claims Today: November 2018

This month we put a spotlight on seasonal claims, such as those following Storm Emma and the Beast from the East. We also provide a round-up of examples for private client and professional indemnity claims. 

With great power comes great responsibility

From Facebook and Twitter through to Instagram and Snapchat, social media allows celebrities, influencers and public figures to effortlessly reach out to their audiences – wherever they are in the world and at whatever time of day. But all it takes is an ill-judged tweet or promotional post and someone can quickly find themselves deep in hot water.

Claims Today: October 2018

In this edition we provide a roundup of private client, motor, professional indemnity and media claims. We also put a spotlight on our partnership with Anyjunk, aiming to make rubbish/waste removal from a home greener, easier and cleaner.

A lot can go wrong in 280 characters

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation - Influencer and Public Figure Protection, tailored to the needs of influencers and high profile individuals as they lead their lives in the public eye. 

October Regulatory Bulletin: Brexit

Welcome to our October Regulatory Bulletin. This month we focus our update on our preparations for Brexit and the communications your customers may have received from us.

Ross Dingwall

How schemes business is booming for brokers

Ross Dingwall, Managing Director of the broker channel at Hiscox, looks at the types of schemes business brokers can thrive with.

Claims Today: September 2018

This month we put a spot light on technology - we have been insuring technology companies at Hiscox for nearly 25 years, and dealing with technology claims for almost as long. We also provide a round-up of our latest claims examples for Technology, Public Liability, Global Flying and Motor.

Samantha Newman

Hiscox people: Samantha Newman

Hiscox Regional Manager in Maidenhead and Head of Broker Marketing Samantha Newman explains why the secret to success is making people happy.

Sharing economy

Where’s the bottom line for the sharing economy?

From connecting homeowners to travellers on Airbnb, offering ridesharing on Uber, through to peer-to-peer lending on Zopa, the 'sharing economy' is coming of age. But how to ensure it plays by the rules?

September Regulatory Bulletin: IDD

Welcome to our September Regulatory Bulletin - this month we focus on the Insurance Distribution Directive, which comes into force Monday 1st October. 

Rise of robots

The rise of the robots (is going to be just fine)

From self-service checkouts to self-driving cars, it would seem the days of manual labour are numbered. Experts, analysts and thought leaders, including SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, even claim that ‘the rise of the robots’ will lead to mass unemployment all over the world. But should we really be afraid of the fourth industrial revolution?

Claims Today: August 2018

This month we put a spotlight on our escape of water technical training to further develop our internal claims underwriters to ensure we manage these claims expertly and efficiently. We also provide our latest claims example for Cyber, Private Client and Professional Indemnity. 

August Regulatory Bulletin: IDD and Brexit

Welcome to our August Regulatory Bulletin - with the GDPR dust settled, we now ramp up our focus on changes for IDD and the Brexit Part VII transfer process.

Claims Today: July 2018

Welcome to July's Claims Today, in this month's newsletter we put a spotlight on subsidence claims, plus a round-up of our Private Client, public liability and professional indemnity claims. 


Inside the mind of a pitch

How did you win your last piece of business? Was it your ironclad reputation, meticulous preparation or an off-the-cuff remark halfway through the presentation?

June Regulatory Bulletin - GDPR, IDD and Brexit

Welcome to our June Regulatory Bulletin.This month we focus our update on how we're progressing our preparations for the Insurance Distribution Directive and Brexit. 

Joe Brown 460x304

Hiscox people: Joe Brown

Joe Brown, Deputy Chief Underwriting Officer for UK and Ireland, has run a marathon in the snow and is inspired by his problem-solving peers.

Claims Today: June 2018

A monthly round-up of public liability and professional indemnity claims, along with an interesting private client claim about a pesky wasp putting a Royal Wedding party under threat.

York schemes event

Schemes roadshow: Adapting to change

On the 18th of April our schemes team kicked of a tour of the UK. All aspects of schemes were discussed; from taking an initial idea and building it into a successful scheme, to how you continually adapt and develop it in order to thrive in a continually changing market.

Claims Today: May 2018

We are very proud to announce we are winners of the HNW Claims Solution of the Year Award at the 2018 Insurance Times Claims Excellence Awards. This month's newsletter also provides a round-up of commercial and private claims, including damage to a house from a fallen tree and an unfortunate incident between a Bentley and a garage wall. 

Scroll Academy

Help your clients stay cyber safe

Hiscox has launched the new online CyberClear Academy, designed to help customers reduce and manage their cyber risks.

May Regulatory Bulletin - GDPR, IDD and Brexit

Welcome to our May Regulatory Bulletin. GDPR is finally here - are you ready for the new regulations? This month we also cover updates on how we are progressing with changes in preparation for IDD and Brexit. 

Claims Today: April 2018

In this month's edition we put a spotlight on cyber claims, where we have seen a dramatic increase in claims volumes – up by more than 130% compared to this time last year. We also provide a round-up of private client, motor, commercial and professional indemnity claims.

April Regulatory Bulletin - GDPR, IDD and Brexit

The GDPR countdown is on with less than one month to go until the new regulations come into effect. In this month's bulletin we cover GDPR, IDD and Brexit, and highlight some important actions you need to take now.

Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2018

The sixth annual Hiscox Online Art Trade Report reveals an online art market worth an estimated $4.22 billion - up 12% in 12 months. The report also takes a look at the current impact blockchain and cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are having on the online art market, as well as exploring their future potential. 

Meltdown and Spectre: How big a technology threat are they to UK businesses?

The advent of Meltdown and Spectre heralds a new age of computer vulnerabilities that require more than updating your virus software or deleting suspect emails. So how concerned should we be?

James Brady

Hiscox people: James Brady

James Brady, Deputy Head of Specialty for Hiscox UK & Ireland, respects Elon Musk’s work ethic and believes the opportunities in cyber insurance are endless.

March Regulatory Bulletin - GPDR, IDD and Brexit

As we enter a very busy period of regulatory change we will be providing you with a monthly bulletin to give you general updates and information, along with actions you will need to undertake as a third party relation of Hiscox. This first bulletin covers updates and progress for GDPR, IDD and Brexit.

Claims Today: March 2018

In this issue of Claims Today we put a spotlight on weather events, such as the recent 'Beast from the East' and how we proactively prepare for these events to ensure we can provide the best possible service to our customers. We also have a round-up of our latest private client, professional indemnity and public liability claims. 

Taper House Mustard Architects

To move, or to improve?

If that’s the question, then the answer for a significant number of us is to stay put and invest in home renovations instead of moving house - one of the key findings from our Hiscox Renovations and Extensions Report which lifts the lid on home improvement trends across the country, both past and future.

Claims Today: February 2018

In February's edition of Claims Today we put a spotlight on proactive claims handling, along with a round-up of private client, personal accident and professional indemnity claims, including a case involving a photographer's intellectual property rights of their images. 

Team profile: Hiscox Technology

Meet the Hiscox Technology team, a team of specialist underwriters embracing the complexities and challenges of the UK’s fastest growing sector.

Are you and your clients prepared for the GDPR?

How you and your clients handle customers' personal information is changing as businesses need to be compliant with the new GDPR by 25 May 2018. Read our essential guide to get your business in shape ahead of the EU's new data rules.

How to talk to people like a human on LinkedIn

Do you want to be more confident using LinkedIn?
The LinkedIn Man, James Potter, gives us his top tips on how to raise your profile, extend your network and find new business opportunities.

Claims Today: January 2018

A roundup of claims for the month, including a professional liability case for a dog grooming business which went to trial.