Water-tight protection

Escape of water damage claims are on the rise, causing not only financial disruption, but in some cases leaving families without a home for months while drying and repairs are taking place. But what if there was a device that meant you could identify leaks – and repair them – before any significant damage occurs? A partnership between Hiscox and LeakBot is taking a new approach to home protection.


It never rains...

With storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge wreaking havoc across the country, Keeley Davies, Head of Property Claims at Hiscox UK, explains how the company managed the influx of insurance claims with a personal touch.

Claims Today news: February 2020

This month we put a spotlight on LeakBot. It is now a fully integrated part of our household proposition for 606 and Home customers. There's also a round-up of private client as well as professional indemnity claim examples.


What cyber threats are on the horizon in 2020?

Buckle your seatbelts, it’s going to be a turbulent year as businesses face cyberattacks from state actors, crime syndicates and even from within.


Growing as one

How do you help a company to grow without changing its values? Bob Thaker, CEO of Hiscox UK, explains why taking ownership, one of the firm’s refreshed values, is crucial.


Cyber insurance: It's not just for the big guys

We’ve all heard of instances where businesses have been targeted by a malicious group who threaten to release confidential data. On this occasion, it was a journalist who alerted a policyholder to a potential breach of data. 

Claims Today: January 2020

This month we put a spotlight on cyber. Cyber claim volumes increased by almost 50% in 2019 with the team handling more than 300 new cyber claims. There's also a round-up of property claims as well as private client, employers' liability and cyber claim examples.


What to do when you own an idea

As business people and economists alike increasingly recognise the value of intellectual property, the size of claims being made for violations is also on the rise. But how can companies manage and protect something that is intangible?


Claims Today: December 2019

This month we put a spotlight on an ABI article detailing the extent of claim payments made due to the recent Yorkshire and Midlands flooding. There's also a round-up of property claims as well as commercial property, professional indemnity and third party property damage claim examples.

Does your clients' current insurance reflect art market increase?

Ben Hanly, Head of Contemporary Art at Doerr Valuations looked at how values have changed over the past few years to illustrate just how important it is for your clients to have the value of their collection updated regularly. 

Claims Today: November 2019

This month we put a spotlight on winning 'Best Contractor Insurance Provider' at the inaugural Contractor Awards. There's also a round-up of property claims and some private client claim examples.


Watches: Why regular insurance valuations are important for your clients

Watches are becoming increasingly popular as an investment option. Doerr Valuations were recently asked by a broker to undertake a review of a client’s Rolex collection. The appreciation in value was substantial!


Recognising the real you. Security with strong identity

“We’re sending you a one-time passcode to complete your login” pops up on your screen as you try to access a service on your phone. It’s frustrating – it’s delaying your user journey, but what’s taking place within these few seconds is vital. It’s a ramped-up security measure, an example of multifactor authentication and we can expect to see a lot more of it.


In the scheme of things

In a changing market, Hiscox is developing specialised insurance policies that are helping to take partnerships between brokers and their clients to the next level.

Claims Today: October 2019

This month we put a spotlight on Christmas presents! There's also a round-up of property claims as well as professional indemnity and private client claim examples.


Four ways AI is already changing business

Artificial intelligence has been a mainstay of the big hitters – Amazon, Google, Netflix – for years, but how can other businesses benefit from the technology?


Passport to anxiety

A holiday should inspire rest and relaxation, alleviating feelings of stress. So why does it sometimes feel like the opposite?

Claims Today: September 2019

This month we put a spotlight on Fine Art. There's also a round-up of property claims as well as professional indemnity and private client claim examples. 

Claims Today: August 2019

This month we put a spotlight on covering student belongings away from the home. There's also a round-up of property claims as well as some cyber, professional indemnity and private client claim examples, including one where the insured's vehicle was stolen from the driveway despite the keys being in the home.


Three tips to climb Google’s rankings

We look at how digital practices need to evolve in the brave new world of the ‘semantic web’. Google co-founder Larry Page once said that the ideal search engine was a machine that ‘understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want’. But Google, along with all the other internet search engines you’d care to name, hasn’t always quite managed to do that.

Capital-still-in-the capital

Is the capital still in the capital?

London has grown significantly faster than other parts of the UK for decades, but signs from the labour and housing markets reveal that the capital’s relative performance isn’t quite so strong. Here we look at how other cities in the UK are trying to compete, whether London’s days are numbered as the premier commercial centre and what the impact of Brexit might be on its long-term future.

Claims Today: July 2019

This month we put a spotlight on travel cover now that summer is in full swing. We also provide a round-up of property claims as well as a couple of professional indemnity and private client claim examples, including one where a 10 year old boy was delighted by a £25 Xbox voucher which helped keep him entertained whilst he recovered from a fractured collar bone.

Confessions of a CEO

Sometimes a single decision can determine the success of a project, pitch or campaign. But for business managers, it can spell the difference between boom or bust for an entire company. Here we talk to a real CEO to get their insights about the business decisions that changed it all – for better and for worse.

Why failure is good for business

Nobody likes to fail. But failure can be vital to success, encouraging business owners to learn from their experience, try new management approaches and innovate in new markets. Here, we ask a corporate psychologist about using failure to your advantage – and find out why it might just be the best thing to ever happen to your business.

What are the service issues brokers are facing?

Ross Dingwall, Managing Director of the Broker Channel at Hiscox, delves into the key pillars of customer service.

Claims Today: June 2019

This month we put a spotlight on the dangers of the magnification of the sun's rays. We also provide a round-up of property claims as well as a cyber and some private client claim examples, including one where a gentleman knocked over a sculpture and was more distressed about the mishap than the insured.

Unsure how to sell cyber? Here’s what you need to know

Stephen Ridley, Cyber Underwriting Manager at Hiscox, looks at at just how big cyber insurance can be.

Claims Today: May 2019

This month we put a spotlight on the first anniversary of the Casualty and Speciality Team. We also provide a round-up of property claims as well as some private client and professional indemnity claim examples.


What's the ‘right’ way to approach conflict resolution?

Conflict is an inevitable part of life – and work is no exception. Sometimes the conflicts are simple disagreements between employees. Other times they're so severe they can threaten the existence of a business.


GDPR one year on: the winners and the losers

The General Data Protection Regulation has been the most important change in data privacy regulation in over 20 years, with companies such as Google, WhatsApp and Instagram facing fines of up to $9.3 billion within just 24 hours of the law coming into effect.

Claims Today: April 2019

This month we put a spotlight on Customer Care Solutions and are pleased to confirm the Hiscox UK Claims team has been shortlisted for the Insurance Times Customer Care Solution of the Year award. We also provide a round-up of professional indemnity claims as well as a motor claim example. 

Claims Today: March 2019

This month we put a spotlight on our new cyber insurance product, Hiscox CyberClear. We also provide a round-up of property claims as well as some cyber and commercial claim examples. 

Stop the press: what does fake news mean for businesses?

Donald Trump is obsessed with it, it’s labelled a ‘sin’ by Pope Francis and was named the 2017 Word of the Year by Collins Dictionary, but don’t be fooled – fake news is nothing new.

Is technology really making you more productive?

Does technology always equal productivity? For Jane Duncan, Vice President of Capgemini Invent the simple answer is no. ‘But it’s useful to look at different user groups and contexts. In some cases, technology can equal productivity for some populations, but less so for others… There are different winners and losers.’

Claims Today: February 2019

This month we put a spotlight on our Claims Leadership, with Grace Hanson taking the helm of Group Claims Director when Jeremy Pinchin retires this year after 13 years of service at Hiscox. We also provide a round-up of private client, professional indemnity and commercial claims examples.