LeakBot: NEW monitor multiple properties on one app

LeakBot is a smart water-leak detector that clips onto a main water pipe and alerts users of the earliest signs of a leak via an app. Your customers can claim a free LeakBot, for each property that they own, where buildings cover on Hiscox 606 Home Insurance is purchased.

If a customer has LeakBot devices installed across multiple homes; a main home, a holiday home and any additional properties for example, they are now able to monitor up to five locations via their account. Making it easier for them to spot leaks quickly. To order additional LeakBot devices your customers simply need to repeat the order journey and include the additional insured address where the LeakBot will be installed.

If a leak is diagnosed and fixed at an early stage, the chances of a burst pipe causing serious disruption is significantly reduced, which could be particularly beneficial if the property is a holiday or a second home that isn’t always occupied.

By taking a proactive rather than reactive approach to managing risk, Hiscox and LeakBot are offering your customers a new way to protect their homes.