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We have a packed schedule of webinars and events for the rest of 2020, which ones will you register for?  Check out our previous webinars and events to access on-demand recordings too. 

Date: Thursday 10 December 2020
Time: 2 p.m.
Duration: 90 minutes
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Join us for the follow-up to Alan Chandler's "The Perfect Storm - seven reasons why we're going to get hardest market in a generation".  In this latest webinar, presented by Alan Chandler, Chartered Insurer, you will learn to:

  • Understand the characteristics of a hard market.
  • Understand what is currently causing the hard market in the UK.
  • Understand how to communicate clearly to clients in a hard market.
  • Understand and be able implement the ten key factors on how to maximise opportunities in a hard market.

What's coming up?


  • 26 January: Hiscox Schemes
  • 4 February: Hiscox Schemes
  • 23 February: Hiscox Schemes

Previous webinars

In this section you can access live recordings of our previous webinars, just click on a title for more information and links to recordings. 

Our PI Combined cover on Acturis has been refreshed. It is now the quick and easy way to get your client a quote on Hiscox core insurance products for small and emerging business. 

Dan Hurn, eTrade Team Leader, outlines:

  • What's different and why Acturis should be used for transacting small and emerging PI business
  • What products are available on PI combined
  • Examples of the type of businesses it's been designed for

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Data to June 2020 shows the immediate and continued impacts of COVID-19 on cyber claims. UK cyber claims decreased by 25% in Q2 compared to Q1, however cyber risks continue to be a significant challenge for businesses, with a number of new ransomware gangs emerging. Large organisations, in particular, have seen more ransomware incidents in the first half of 2020 than the whole of 2019 and we expect this to at least double by the end of the year*. 

Mark Fawcett and Luke Fardell from Control Risks, Hiscox’s primary incident response partner, will outline the trends and common types of ransomware attacks that Control Risks are seeing and will show a live demonstration of a supply chain ransomware attack.

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The Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2020 shows cybercrime is on the rise – and so is the threat to business. But what does that mean for your clients? What are the implications for different businesses? How can brokers help their clients anticipate and avoid a cyber attack?

This session takes things back to basics for those who are either new to cyber insurance, or want a refresher.

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Helping your Technology clients claim tax incentives with Luke Hamm, CEO, GovGrant and Tom Dixon, Head of Technology, Hiscox. 

If your clients are in the Technology sector they may be able to claim £000’s back - join this webinar to find out how you can help your clients through our partnership with GovGrant, which provides Hiscox clients with access to a full range of R&D tax relief and IP services at preferential rates. 

Here’s what clients have been saying about GovGrant:

“We are so pleased with the GovGrant service that we now introduce companies within our network who are unaware of the scheme or did not believe they qualified for R&D tax credit and relief.”

 “My words of advice would be; you may think that only scientific or manufacturing type companies qualify for R&D tax credits but that couldn’t be further from the truth, as every kind of business implements new processes, procedures and systems that are highly likely to attract the Tax credit. We paid on a no win, no fee basis so we had nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

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Lee Turner, National Schemes Sales Manager at Hiscox presented this session: Schemes: It’s Now or Never – Learn to identify, grow and manage your Scheme at the Insurance Connect virtual event.

Now more than ever Schemes are the answer for brokers and their customers. Having the right Scheme solution in place can help you differentiate your business. Hiscox's team of experts in Schemes can help you grow and support your Scheme business. 

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Mark Fawcett and Luke Fardell from Control Risks – Hiscox’s primary incident response partner, take a deep dive in to one of our most interesting claims from earlier this year.

This was – on the face of it - just a ransomware attack against a small business, but it also involved a case of mistaken identity, multiple assailants and several other twists and turns along the way. Mark and Luke bring to life how any company can find themselves in the crosshairs of attackers, but that recovery isn’t just as simple as plugging in a backup, and how having cyber insurance can prove invaluable.

Click here (external link) to access the live recording.

The Perfect Storm - Seven reasons why we're going to get the hardest market in a generation, with Alan Chandler, Chartered Insurer. Click here (external link) to access the live recording.

What are the longer-term COVID claims trends that we might see that might not be obvious at present? What are the implications for different businesses? How can brokers help their clients anticipate and avoid new scenarios that could lead to claims? 

It’s difficult when you don’t know what to look for, Claire Laver, Partner at DAC Beachcroft, Barbara Goddard, Partner DAC Beachcroft and Alexandra Anderson, Partner at RPC look at three areas where claims could arise in the new post-COVID world.

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