Our Hiscox 606 policy is a premium home insurance product designed for high-net-worth individuals. Each policy includes cover you wouldn’t find with a standard home and contents insurance policy, and contains features tailored to suits the needs of individuals with specialist or complex requirements such as high value items, art or collections or listed buildings. We also offer unlimited cover on buildings and contents, subject to qualification. With unlimited cover your clients will never be underinsured. 

Our 606 policies are available as a standalone product. However, if a client qualifies for 606 for one property, then they will be covered by our 606 policy for all, even if secondary properties on their own would not qualify.

Key features

  • Accidental damage covered as standard - Possessions are replaced on a ‘new for old’ basis with no reductions in value for wear and tear
  • Worldwide cover for theft, loss and damage to your clients’ possessions when taken away from home
  • Protection for you and your family - We provide specialist help and support if you and your family are involved in an incident not necessarily resulting in a loss. For example, we will assist you following traumatic or stressful events such as aggravated assault in an attempted burglary or identity fraud
  • Protection for staff and visitors. Public liability and employers' liability cover of £10 million each
  • A common sense approach - No need to list jewellery and watches under £25,000 in value, or fine art pieces under £50,000 in value

Updated 606 policy wording - February 2021

As of 15 February 2021, we have released new policy wording for our Hiscox 606 policyholders. The new wording now offers your clients even more protection for their homes and contents to help protect their evolving lifestyle.  

For new business, the changes are effective immediately. As renewals are issued six weeks in advance, the changes will apply to any renewals issued from 31 March 2021.  

Many of us are working from home and online streaming services are key to keeping us sane during lockdowns. As such we’re more dependent on our broadband than ever before. If your client's home suffers a loss of utilities (gas, electric, water) or broadband for a period of more than 24 hours we will cover any increased costs to keep them working at home. This cover now has no excess and can be used to quickly hire a temporary broadband service or pay for additional data/streaming costs.

If your client suffers a covered claim and needs to move out of their home, our ‘like-for-like’ promise means we will try and find a similar property in their local area to minimise disruption to them, their family and pets. This extends to their home office facilities to ensure they can continue working in a similar environment as seamlessly as possible.

We are automatically offering all clients still insured on a sum insured basis a free 25% uplift (up to £100,000) on their contents, jewellery and art cover for new acquisitions purchased throughout the policy period.  Just ensure to update your client's cover at renewal. You will still need to tell us if they acquire items worth more than 25% of their stated sum insured during the policy period.

Lockdown and quarantine may mean your clients  are unable to visit their home or additional properties as frequently as they would like. Many insurers have onerous stipulations around visits however we do not – all we ask is that they leave their heating on to a minimum temperature of 10 degrees centigrade to avoid freezing pipes or drain the water system (turning the water off at the mains, running the taps to empty water tanks so as to avoid leaks should pipes freeze and burst). If your client’s home is usually unoccupied for more than 60 days per year please speak to us.

More people are using electric bikes and personal scooters to commute. Our personal liability cover has been clarified to include any injury or damage to third parties for which your client is legally responsible, provided the equipment is being used in accordance with the law. 

Our £10m employers liability covers domestic staff, such as gardeners, au pairs, and cleaners as standard. Cover includes any proven claims from your client's employees for physical and mental injury, including claims relating to catching CV-19 whilst working at your client's home. Cover is not included for non-domestic staff - if unsure please check with us and we will see what we can do.

We are simplifying our cyber cover by moving to a single limit and removing inner limits. Additionally, the annual premium has been reduced to £95.

Travel disruption as a result of CV-19 has been huge.  With ongoing lockdowns, quarantine requirements, and localised restrictions creating a great deal of uncertainty for clients, many are reluctant to book trips at this time. Following feedback from our brokers we have updated our travel cover for policies beginning with PL-HOM* to give the cover your clients need:

  • The existing “travel against advice” exclusion will no longer apply to medical expense claims
  • We will include cover for cancellation, curtailment and medical expenses arising from CV-19 as standard
  • CV-19 cancellation cover does not operate if the trip was booked when travel restrictions to the territory were in place, or if the booking of the trip predates travel cover with Hiscox
  • Family annual travel premium will increase from £240 to £300

*If you aren't aren’t sure if your client has a PL-HOM policy please speak to your underwriter.

Say hello to LeakBot

LeakBot a smart water leak detector is included FREE of charge with your client’s building insurance. LeakBot spots hidden leaks before they become a bigger problem helping protect your client’s home against serious damage. If your client experiences a LeakBot alert, a LeakBot engineer will locate the source and fix the problem.

LeakBot RRP £149. Hiscox will cover the cost, usually £150 +VAT, of one home visit per device every 12 months from a specialist LeakBot engineer.

Say hello to LeakBot

Unlimited cover

You’ve told us that underinsurance is a considerable problem and we understand how difficult it is for customers to accurately assess the value of their buildings and contents. This can lead to difficulties for clients and brokers in the event of a claim.

As such, to further complement our award-winning claims service, we will now provide the majority of our new customers with the added peace of mind of having unlimited buildings and contents cover. We are also delighted to be able to offer our existing clients the option to switch to unlimited cover at renewal.  Unlimited cover is only available on UK policies. 

Who is it for?

The 606 home and contents policy is designed specifically to meet the needs of people with a higher value home or contents. The following should help you assess whether our 606 policy is suitable for your client.

  • Who is the client? Who we insure has always been more important than what we insure, so full client details including occupation, lifestyle, claims and insurance history will help us to underwrite the risk
  • Where do we write business? The 606 policy is designed for clients in the UK and Ireland. We can also insure overseas homes

We can offer a bespoke solution to suit the specific needs of your individual clients. Hiscox 606 insurance can be combined with any other product from our suite of Hiscox Art and Private Client products, giving your clients the convenience of one policy and a single renewal date.

Why choose Hiscox?

  • A dedicated, award-winning claims team. Professionalism and experience are key – we take a common sense approach to claims and ensure they are handled quickly, efficiently and fairly
  • Personal choice. Your clients generally have the freedom to choose their own suppliers and contractors
  • Immediate assistance for home emergencies. We include 24-hour home emergency cover as standard, giving your clients swift assistance from a suitable contractor in the event of an unforeseen household emergency
  • Going the extra mile. We understand that money can’t always replace your clients’ most treasured items, so we work with a range of experts to help replace, repair or restore them whenever possible.


Policies that begin with PL-HOM only:

Policies that do not begin with PL-HOM:

Arrange a quote for your client

Speak to your local Hiscox underwriter.


Renovations and extensions

If you have a client embarking on building works to their property, Hiscox Renovation and Extension Insurance can be added onto a Hiscox 606 Home Insurance policy.


Annual travel extension

 Annual travel insurance can be added onto a Hiscox 606 Home Insurance policy.

Related products

Within the 606 policy, Hiscox offer a survey to assess the sums insured, help identify potential risks and provide advice on how best to mitigate these. This is an optional service which is offered free of charge to customers where this would be a benefit to them. With Hiscox 606 Insurance, we offer unlimited cover. This means that whatever the value of your loss, you’re covered. For any customers who do not have unlimited cover, a survey to assess sums insured may be offered.