The percentage of businesses surveyed who said they had experienced a cyber attack rose from 28% to 43% in this year's Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report, with many businesses saying they had experienced multiple attacks.  In the UK, 69% of respondents who said they had experienced a cyber attack said that this had happened more than once during the last year.*

*Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2022: Don't let cyber be a game of chance.

Our Cyber Maturity Model is a free-of-charge tool to help you or your clients assess the cyber strengths and weaknesses.

Who has Hiscox CyberClear been designed for?

Hiscox CyberClear has been developed to be suitable for UK businesses of any size, and in any industry. Your client needs this insurance if they:

  • hold customer or employee data such as names, addresses, bank details, passport copies etc;
  • use a computer to operate;
  • have a website;
  • take payment via card;
  • store data in the cloud or rely on cloud-based services;
  • make electronic payments.

Watch our video: Our guide to cyber and data insurance (external link)

What does Hiscox CyberClear protect against?

Hiscox CyberClear offers comprehensive, but flexible, cyber cover against wide ranging threats – both those that exist today, and those that may be adopted by criminals in the future. The main highlights of the policy include:

  • data breaches – where personal or commercial information (electronic or otherwise) is accessed without authorisation;
  • security failure – a hacker exploiting a weakness in security systems leaving a business exposed;
  • cyber attacks – any digital attack against a business;
  • extortion – criminals holding systems or data to ransom
  • human errors – mistakes made by staff or suppliers that results in a data breach or system outage;
  • business interruption –the loss of income that a client may suffer from a cyber attack;
  • GDPR – covering liabilities and the cost of defending regulatory investigations after any alleged breach of data protection legislation;
  • reputational damage – includes PR and crisis management support, and covers lost revenue or customers as a result of a cyber incident.
  • financial crime and fraud – the use of the internet to deceive employees, customers or suppliers into transferring money or goods. We also cover traditional crime including physical theft of assets, money or securities and employee dishonesty;
  • property damage – physical damage to equipment or property resulting from a cyber attack;
  • dependent business interruption – covering lost revenue or increased costs incurred if a supplier’s systems are taken offline by a cyber incident.

Who is it for?

Why choose Hiscox CyberClear?

Access to the best experts in the business
Your client will be assigned a dedicated Claims Manager who will handle their claim end to end. They will also have instant access to a network of market-leading experts from IT forensics to privacy lawyers and reputational experts.

Future proofed
Our extensive policy wording means that clients are protected from emerging risks, threats and digital attacks that criminals may adopt in the coming years.

Broad cover
Hiscox CyberClear covers the financial cost and business impact of an incident, as well as offering a range of additional features; from worldwide cover as standard, key person cover and no overall policy aggregate limit, to a 72-hour excess waiver, director’s personal cover and no retroactive date.

Access to the Hiscox Risk Academy

The Hiscox Risk Academy (HRA) is a free online risk management platform. Additional CyberClear training is offered to cyber customers on topics such as social engineering and payment diversion fraud to GDPR regulations and fraud awareness.

Access to the academy is included as standard for all clients with a turnover below £10 million. In addition if 100% of your clients employees successfully complete all the academy training, the excess shown in the quote schedule is reduced by £2,500. If the excess shown in the quote schedule is £2,500 or lower, no excess is payable. Find out more

Documents, tools and videos

The Cyber Maturity Model is free to use and has been designed to help businesses understand their cyber security strengths and weaknesses.  This factsheet explains why a broker might want to use it with a client.

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