An accident in Sandra’s office landed her in difficulties

For our customer Sandra, volunteers are an essential part of her business operations. While on her premises, a volunteer tripped over a rug and sustained an injury which impacted their life for over a year.

Due to the ongoing consequences of the fall, the individual decided to bring, as a litigant in person, a formal claim against Sandra. As a Hiscox business insurance customer, Sandra was able to look to us to step in and assist.  

The public liability policy protecting Sandra means that she has cover against claims made by a member of the public for injury or property damage suffered on her premises.

Having analysed the submitted liability claim, it was decided that legally there were was some vulnerability for Sandra, subject to potenttial contributory negligence of the volunteer.

After liasing with Sandra, Hiscox dealt directly with the volunteer and were able to settle the claim on best commercial terns, This enabled Sandra to maintain an ongoing relationship with volunteer.

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