During your yoga classes, your focus is on imparting the principles and philosophy of yoga while making sure your students are comfortable, engaged and content.

However, no matter how careful or professional you are, you may face claims that could damage your business. Purchasing yoga teacher insurance to protect your business means you can enjoy peace of mind as you create a calm and tranquil environment for your students.

Professional treatment insurance for yoga teachers

Professional treatment liability insurance insurance can provide protection against claims from your students that your actions or advice has caused them to suffer an injury or fall ill. This type of yoga instructor insurance can cover the cost of compensation, legal fees and any medical fees you may need to pay your client.

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Yoga instructor liability insurance

One of the crucial forms of cover you’ll need for your yoga business is yoga teacher liability insurance. Whether you hold your classes in a public space or find your private premises get a lot of public foot traffic, you may find public liability insurance useful cover to protect your business. This type of insurance can cover the cost of defending against, and paying compensation for, claims from a member of the public that your business has caused them to suffer an injury, or caused damage to their property.

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Employers’ liability insurance for yoga instructors  

If you employ one or more members of staff, your yoga instructor insurance will not be complete until you purchase employers’ liability insurance. This type of insurance is a legal requirement if you have staff working for you. It can cover the cost of defending or settling any legal claims, as well as cover medical bills that arise if an employee accuses your business of causing illness or injury. It’s worth noting this only covers your employees, and not members of the public or your clients.

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Do I need both public liability + employers’ liability insurance?

As mentioned, employers’ liability is a legal requirement if you have people working for you in your yoga business. In contrast, public liability insurance is not a legal requirement, but this type of yoga teacher liability insurance could prove invaluable if you interact regularly with members of the public as part of your work, for example, if you hold your yoga classes in a public space such as a gym or community centre.

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Cyber and data insurance

A computer is an important part of your yoga business, making it easy to keep track of appointments, classes and payments. However, using a computer means there’s always the risk of being targeted by hackers or experiencing a data leak. In these situations, you may find cyber and data insurance invaluable as it provides protection against any potential legal and recovery costs you may face in the event of an incident.

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Personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance could prove a crucial part of your overall yoga instructor insurance policy. This type of insurance can cover the cost of keeping your business going if you find yourself unable to work due to a serious injury or illness. Available as a lump sum or as weekly pay-outs, personal accident insurance can provide the help needed to off-set any financial losses you may have suffered, as well as cover the cost of retraining staff. You can apply the same cover to a key member of staff, if they’re unable to work due to similar circumstances.

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Office insurance

Whether you hold your yoga classes in a studio, gym, community centre or clinic, or prefer to have them at your home, you may find our office insurance policy useful for your business. Our office contents policy is a form of yoga instructor insurance available to home and office-based small businesses to help cover the cost of repairing or replacing any equipment and tools that become damaged, lost, or stolen.

You can also add a range of specialist covers, including:

  • Tool cover: covers equipment used for your business, including aerial yoga equipment and yoga exercise machines.
  • Portable equipment: covers equipment you take outside of your business premises, such as mobiles, fitness trackers and laptops.
  • Business interruption: covers any financial losses you experience if you find yourself unable to trade due to an unexpected interruption to your business.
  • Equipment breakdown: covers the cost of repairing or replacing any office equipment that has suffered a sudden electrical or mechanical breakdown.

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What is your profession?

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