Business insurance for design and construction

When construction is delayed by design mishaps, supplier disputes or acts of theft, business insurance can offer a helping hand. 

In design and construction, coordination is key – but no matter how sharp your planning, with the slip of a trowel, things can go off course. 

A client may raise a complaint that escalates into a legal dispute, or you might need to take a contractor to court yourself. Cyber-attacks can also have significant consequences for your business, contractors and customers. 

When you’ve worked hard to build a successful firm, design and construction insurance can provide confidence-boosting financial backing. 


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Why choose Hiscox for your design and construction insurance?


Cover tailored to your needs

Hiscox takes a tailored approach to building cover, so you only pay for the insurance you need. 


Subcontractor indemnity

With Hiscox professional indemnity insurance added to your policy, your design and construction business is covered for supplier and subcontractor issues.


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Why do you need design and construction insurance?

Unexpected delays

A small mistake in the designs for a new housing development creates big problems when the groundworks need to be revised. The project is delayed by months as a result, causing frustrations for the housing association that hired your services and the tenants on their waiting list. Your client contact accuses you of acting with negligence during the design and construction process – fortunately, your insurance includes professional indemnity cover, so legal costs and compensation are taken care of.

Phishing attack

Much of your communication with contractors and customers is carried out via email - and every day your inbox is full and busy. Unfortunately, cybercriminals know this and target you for a social engineering breach. You receive an email that appears to be from a contractor and follow a link you believe is genuine - however, the link was malicious and part of a phishing attack. With the help of cyber and data insurance included as part of a tailored construction insurance policy, our experts can help with recovery from the breach and quickly get you back to business.

Damaged laptop

A laptop containing critical project data is damaged after coffee was spilt on it by an employee on their way to perform a site audit. Your IT manager says the data can be recovered, but the machine itself is beyond repair. This comes at a time when the expense of purchasing a new computer is something you could do without. Tool insurance secures your essential construction and design kit against the risk of accidental damage and theft.

What cover is included in insurance for design and construction professionals?

Certain design and construction firms may also require employers’ liability insurance if the business has staff.

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Insurance for design and construction: FAQs

How do I know how much design and construction insurance I need?

The amount of construction insurance cover you need depends on factors such as the scale and value of planned projects, staff numbers and the type of work you perform. 

For instance, if you deliver big projects for high-value clients, then your mistakes could come with higher penalties, so you may require more professional indemnity cover than a sole trader. 

How much does design and construction insurance cost?

The cost of design and construction insurance depends upon the covers you select as well as the amounts you require of each. Hiscox business insurance costs start at just £10* per month and are determined by factors such as cover limits – the maximum amount we’ll pay in the event of a claim. 

With Hiscox, you can build custom cover, pay monthly or cancel with no fees. This means we’re there to support your construction firm as it grows and adapts. 

*Figures based on policies from at least 10% of our customers. 

Why is design and construction insurance important?

No level of expertise or preparation can completely eliminate business risks, so design and construction insurance acts like a safety net for mishaps and chance occurrences that can’t be foreseen. 

If you make an honest mistake during building repairs, or accidentally share sensitive information with the wrong customer, the size of compensation claims can be significant. Therefore, it’s best to help safeguard against such instances.

Design and construction insurance can also bolster your business against general risks, including those posed by weather-related property damage and site break-ins. 

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What business insurance does a sole trader need?

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