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Exhibition insurance can help with unforeseen issues such as exhibition cancellation, an accident or damage to goods at your travelling trade fair. With Hiscox, exhibition insurance brings together a portfolio of key covers.

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Why choose Hiscox for exhibition insurance?


24/7 help if you face an emergency

If you have a claim emergency, it's good to know Hiscox exhibition insurance is served with 24/7 telephone lines


Insurance for high-revenue events

We can tailor your trade show insurance to cover events with high revenues 


Cover in a choice of currencies

Hiscox exhibition insurance is available in several currencies, including pound sterling, euro and US dollars

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What is exhibition insurance?

Exhibition insurance is a type of event insurance designed for gatherings that centre on display – exhibitions fall into this category, as do craft fairs and trade shows.

This product helps protect those responsible for organising and overseeing a wide range of exhibitions, providing insurance for trade shows, arena-based global industry fairs and small village fairs alike.

Work in this area exposes exhibition organisers to a range of risks – cancellation is often the most severe risk that springs to mind, so this product insures against expenses relating to exhibition curtailment as standard. Exhibition insurance includes insurance for property and protection against liabilities.

Hiscox exhibition cover combines key types of insurance that an exhibition organiser might need.

This includes insurance for:

  • Exhibition cancellation and disruption
  • Property in your care
  • Public liability
  • Employers’ liability

Do I need exhibition insurance?

Exhibition insurance, also known as conference and exhibition organisers’ insurance, is designed to cover events such as trade fairs and consumer exhibitions.

These events might include small private exhibitions or trade shows at large arena venues.

Cancellation is a major concern for organisers of events large and small, so you might have a need for insurance if you’re concerned about an unforeseen cancellation of the exhibition.

This is not the only reason exhibition organisers could need insurance, however – dealing with people and property can expose you to liability risks too. Insurance can help to pay legal fees, compensate third parties and repair or replace damaged items, so it’s useful to anyone concerned about these risks.

When should I get exhibition insurance?

You should consider getting insurance as soon as your exhibition plans begin to take shape and before you make any bookings. This is especially true if the risk of cancellation or disruption is a concern for you.

Accidents affecting property or people can occur during set-up or in transit to the event, so it’s usually a good idea to purchase property and liability cover before the big day.

If you employ staff, it’s also worth noting that employers’ liability insurance is often legally required (external link) – even for temporary, voluntary or casual employees. So purchasing insurance may be essential before you invest in an extra pair of hands.

How much exhibition insurance cover will I need?

How much exhibition insurance cover you’ll need to purchase depends on the size, scope and nature of your event. For instance, a large international trade show will likely face more financial risk than a small craft fair.

When thinking about how much cover you might need, consider factors such as the cost of organising your event, activities, content and projected profits.

Small exhibitions can still carry a significant risk depending on the type of items they display. If you’re legally liable for expensive products during the event, then ensuring your limit of property cover is higher than the value of these products could be important.

Finally, footfall matters, since the more visitors an exhibition receives, the greater chance of injury.

What’s included in your exhibition cover?

Cancellation and disruption

When your role involves booking a venue, hiring exhibition displays and the machinery for set-up, these overheads can loom if something unexpected creates a problem for your event. Hiscox exhibition insurance steps in financially if something beyond your control causes the event to be cancelled, postponed, curtailed or relocated.

Hiscox exhibition cancellation insurance has:

  • Extensions for terrorism, national mourning and adverse weather for outdoor exhibitions
  • Add-ons for non-appearance of key featured persons – ideal if you have keynote speakers
  • The option to include cover for loss of profits on a full revenue basis

Property cover

Exhibitions are all about display, but behind-the-scenes items such as laptops and fork-lift trucks keep the event moving. This product helps if property you’re liable for is lost or damaged during the event or in transit.

Hiscox exhibition property cover features:

  • Cover for your property, plus items hired, borrowed or entrusted to your exhibition
  • Automatic cover for up to £50,000 in damage to venue property including fixtures, fittings and fixed machinery at the exhibition venue
  • Continuing hire charges cover for hired equipment

Exhibition public liability insurance

Injury and property damage are key risks in the exhibition space since contact with guests and exhibitors can lead to accidents resulting in injuries or damage – and these could land you in court. Hiscox exhibition insurance can help with legal fees and compensation if a  third party brings a claim against you for injury/property damage.

Hiscox public liability insurance for exhibitions provides:

  • Cover for up to £10 million in legal fees, defence costs and damages – or the equivalent in other currencies
  • Liability cover for damage to venues


Those exhibiting products or information can also get cover as part of our exhibitor insurance offering.

Exhibition insurance FAQs

What is the difference between exhibitor and exhibition insurance?

Exhibition insurance is designed to cover the whole exhibition – and those organising it – whereas exhibitor insurance covers individuals who bring displays to exhibitions. These may overlap if you’re running a craft fair and showing off your own wares. However, the activities carry different risk profiles and insurance needs and there are two separate products for these elements.

If you bring items such as machinery, tech items or display stands to showcase at an event, then separate exhibitors’ insurance could help to safeguard these, as well as exhibit stands.

Does exhibition insurance cover events abroad?

Yes, exhibition insurance covers events, shows and fairs almost anywhere in the world – we even allow multi-currency purchase options. This makes for a smoother ride if you’re in the business of running international exhibitions or events hosted in different locations year after year.

It’s worth noting that circumstances in certain nations or provinces can affect cover, such as strikes, volcanic activity or even seasonal hurricanes.

How much does exhibition insurance cost?

The cost of exhibition insurance depends on several factors – the size of your event matters, but so does the type of exhibition you’re organising.

The add-ons and cover limits you select will also make a difference. The cost of adding exhibition cancellation cover for projected profits depends on how large this figure is, for instance.