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To help make sure you reduce the risk of being underinsured, you may be entitled to unlimited cover. This means that whatever the value of your loss, you can be more confident you’re covered.

Hiscox Home Insurance is offered on an Unlimited basis for customers who buy directly from Hiscox in the following circumstances:

Home Contents cover

  • Contents sum insured is less than £150,000
  • Highest value of any single item of contents is less than £15,000
  • The sum insured for Fine Art is less than £75,000
  • The sum insured for Valuables, e.g. Jewellery, is less than £75,000

Buildings cover

  • The market value of the property is less than £1.5 million
  • The property rebuild cost is less than £750,000
  • The sum insured for outbuildings is less than £100,000

67% of new Home Insurance customers who purchased direct from Hiscox in the last 12 months enjoy unlimited cover (May 2023).

For some claims, such as tracing a leak, losing money while away from home or retrieving lost data, we apply certain limited which are detailed in your policy documents.

For other claims, there is no limit to the total value we'll pay for the cost of repairing or replacing damage or loss. This means that if there was a fire at your home or if you were burgled, there would be no cap on the total amount we could pay for a claim. We'd pay up to £15,000 for any individual item, pair or set that's not been listed – yet the total amount we'd pay is limitless. For jewellery, watches, art and collections, we simply ask you to tell us how much cover you need.

There are some circumstances where you will not get Unlimited cover, for example if your property is listed, if your property is to let or for items in storage.

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One all encompassing policy to cover your home and contents

Dedicated (Home Generic)

Claims are managed by a dedicated claims handler

60 days (Home Generic)

Valuables you take away from home are covered for up to 60 days

What could unlimited cover mean for you?

Here's how a Hiscox Home Insurance policy can help you make sure you've always got enough cover:

  • You don't need to list any items under £15,000
    You only need to tell us about individual items, pairs or sets worth £15,000 or more so you don’t have to spend time listing everything you own
  • You get tailored cover for jewellery, art and collections
    Peace of mind for your most treasured possessions – simply tell us how much cover you need
  • Your home stays protected as it increases in value
    Your buildings cover is unlimited, which means we'll pay your actual rebuild cost regardless of whether your home has increased in value since you bought your policy
  • You don't need to tell us about new items
    We only need to know about new items worth £15,000 or more, and what the new overall value is for your jewellery or art and collections if you acquire a new piece
  • You only pay for the cover you need
    When you get a quote, we'll ask you a series of questions so we can tailor your quote to your circumstances and make sure you're not paying for unnecessary cover
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