As a business consultant, you provide a vital service to your clients. You’re often trusted to make significant contributions to your clients’ business and you’re expected to be experts in your field.

But because we have experience of providing professional indemnity insurance for business consultants just like you, we know that mistakes can happen, despite your best efforts. Perhaps you give advice about a project which your client relies upon and, as a result, loses money.

Mistakes could result in an unhappy client bringing a claim against you for negligence.

Our professional indemnity insurance policy is designed for business consultants and protects you from the cost of settling or defending a client’s claim that there is a problem with the work you have done for them. Professional indemnity insurance can give you peace of mind, and ensure that you present a professional and trustworthy image in front of your clients.

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Why choose Hiscox Professional Indemnity Insurance for business consultants?

Our policy provides cover for:

  • negligence or breach of duty of care – making a mistake in your work or giving bad advice
  • infringement of intellectual property rights – for example using content from a website or publication without permission
  • breach of confidence – sharing confidential or sensitive information without consent
  • defamation – making false or damaging claims about a person or organisation
  • civil liability – if a claim occurs because of your business activity for a client and we haven’t specifically excluded it, it’s covered.

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We’ll defend you

If a claim is made against you, and we think you have a reasonable chance of defending it successfully, we have the duty to defend you. This includes defending the entirety of a claim, even if some parts of it are not covered by your professional indemnity insurance policy. Get peace of mind that should a claim be made, you can focus on what you do best and leave our experts to deal with the complaint. We will deduct the costs incurred in defending the non-covered portion of a claim from the final settlement.

Protect your hard-earned reputation

Our PI insurance for business consultants includes free crisis containment cover, so you can rest assured that your business is in expert hands should the worst happen. This cover provides access to specialist public relations support to help manage potential damage to the reputation of your business if a claim threatens to do so. It means you can respond properly to events without having to lose focus on the running of your business.

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Your policy

We want you to understand the PI cover we offer for business consultants. They are covered under our professional indemnity policy for business and management consultants.

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What is your profession?

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