As a self-employed teacher or tutor you are providing a professional service. It is therefore important to ensure you have the right insurance protection in place to protect you against the risks you face in your profession.

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Professional indemnity insurance for teachers

You may feel confident in your work, but any self-employed teacher or tutor is vulnerable to claims of negligence. Professional indemnity insurance will help protect your business against the cost of settling or defending a claim made by a school, local education authority, private client or student that there is a problem with your work, such as failing to cover off a key part of a course syllabus. It doesn’t matter if the claim is true or not, it could be expensive and disruptive to fight it without the right cover in place.

Our professional indemnity insurance policy for coaching, training and education professionals is specially designed to cover a range of business activities, including teaching and tutoring.

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Public liability insurance

Despite your best intentions, accidents do happen and if it occurs as the result of something you have done then a member of the public can claim against you for compensation. You could be held liable for a simple mistake such as spilling a drink over a school computer, or a student slipping on a wet floor. For this reason it’s worth considering public liability insurance for teachers as it could offer you vital protection should things go wrong. Hiscox public liability insurance is designed to offer professionals the peace of mind that should an expensive and disruptive claim for compensation arise, they will be able to cope.

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Personal accident insurance for teachers

If you are a teacher or tutor and are self employed, teacher insurance that is tailored to include personal accident cover could offer a much needed safety net should you find yourself unable to work due to an accidental bodily injury. This insurance policy can protect against the financial impact of this by providing your business with a lump sum or weekly amount.

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We also offer employers’ liability, and office insurance, designed specifically for small businesses.

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