As a personal trainer you do everything you can to keep your clients fit and healthy. But while you give advice and guidance to help them stay in good shape, there’s still a risk that they could injure themselves and, as a result, make a claim against you. Whether you’re a self-employed fitness instructor or run personal training business, it’s vital to ensure you’re protected financially should things go wrong. From legal battles to damaged equipment, disgruntled employees to your own injury, controlling risk with a good fitness liability insurance plan is essential for anyone in the industry, whether a business owner or self-employed trainer.

Hiscox fitness instructor insurance will also provide cover for those who teach groups, rather than 1;1 training. Class instructors provide training advice and lifestyle guidance for each of their group members, and must ensure their instructions are carried out in a safe manner. Our fitness fnstructor insurance offers protection for you, your equipment and your clients in the face of an accident.

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Professional treatment liability insurance

You don’t need to have done anything wrong to face a claim for professional negligence, but the costs involved in defending even the most spurious of claims can be substantial. If someone makes a claim against you because of advice you provided, including if that advice led to a client injuring themselves, professional treatment liability insurance for personal trainers can help. It can protect your business against the cost of settling or defending a claim that there is a problem with your work, including malpractice.

Our treatment liability insurance policy is specially designed to cover a range of businesses, including personal trainers. 

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Public liability insurance for personal trainers

When it comes to considering public liability insurance for personal trainers and fitness professionals, it helps to assess whether you’d cope financially should someone bring a claim against you. Despite your best intentions, accidents do happen and if it occurs as the result of something you have done then a member of the public or a client can claim against you for compensation. Fitness instructor insurance could prove invaluable. If, for example, somebody trips over your training equipment and injures themselves, Hiscox PT Public Liability Insurance can protect your business against the cost of paying or defending a compensation claim.

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Office contents insurance for personal trainers

For many personal trainers and fitness class instructors, equipment plays a vital role in your ability to work. You may also make use of an office for admin, in which case it’s wise to protect any computers, printers and expensive equipment you use. Our office contents policy is designed to protect home or office-based businesses against the cost or replacing or repairing business equipment if it is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen.

Fitness instructor insurance provides you with the option to add a range of specialist covers to your policy, such as portable equipment, providing cover for equipment outside of the office, such as laptops and gym equipment, which can be particularly useful for personal trainers and instructors that work across multiple locations.

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