When you spend your day working on live wiring in people's homes or installing electrical equipment at heights, you don't need the risks of your field to be spelled out to you. Electricians' insurance is there to protect all electrics engineers from harm, we make it our business to know exactly what your up against so that we can give you the cover you need.

Whatever scenario you face as part of your job, working to protect the property, equipment and third parties involved in always a priority. However, it's important to have comprehensive electricians' insurance in place to protect your business in the event of an accident or unforeseen event. For electricans, public liability insurance should be a top priority alongside business equipment cover. With the right level of liability and indemnity cover, you'll have defence against any nasty shocks which may come your way.

Professional indemnity insurance for electricians

Your work as an electrician relies on customers trusting you to get the job done reliably and with expert know-how. However, no matter how careful you are with the physical and theoretical elements of your job -- providing customers with advice and guidance on how to manage or maintain their electrical wiring or equipment – it is possible to make mistakes, or for your customer to misunderstand you.

If a customer holds you or your business responsible for them suffering a financial loss, the financial impact on your business could be catastrophic. Professional indemnity insurance for electricians can provide the necessary compensation and legal fees you may need to pay, as well as the cost of repairing any damages or treating any injuries.

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Electrician public liability insurance

Working closely with members of the public introduces a huge number of different liability risks. Add to that the uncertainty of live wiring, broken electrical appliances and working directly in client homes and the need for comprehensive public liability insurance becomes clear. 

Public liability insurance for electricians can provide cover from claims that your business activities are responsible for injury or property damage. The consequences of negligence or malpractice can be serious and the claims which may arise have the potential to be very costly. Failing to take out public liability insurance which is tailored to the risks of your trade could have a huge impact on your electrician business.

Public liability insurance for electricians can cover you in situations such as: -

  • If you accidentally cause damage to property: For example, if you damage a neighbouring property while installing an electric socket at a customer’s home.
  • If a member of the public hurt themselves as a result of your work, or at your workplace: For example, if you leave a wire exposed and a member of the public receives an electric shock.

If you want to find our more about Hiscox Public Liability Insurance visit our main policy page, or to research the details of this cover further, check out the public liability FAQ hub.

Employers’ liability insurance for electricians

Does your electrician business include one or more employees? If so, you’re legally required to have sufficient cover in case they become injured or fall ill while working for you. If your employee takes legal action against your business, this form of electrician liability insurance can provide the financial assistance you need to cover the costs in dealing with a claim.

Employers’ liability insurance could cover the cost of providing compensation to your employee, treating their injuries, and defending and settling any legal cases. It’s important to note that this type of cover is only applicable to your employees and does not protect you personally.

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Electrical Contractors’ Insurance

If you have sub-contractors that work for you on a supervised basis, you’re required to have electrical contractors’ insurance to cover you against any claims they might make against your business. If your sub-contractors fall ill or get injured while working for you, you may be required to provide compensation, medical costs and defend and settle legal cases.

Do I need both public liability + employers’ liability insurance?

Any business that employs one or more members of staff – including sub-contractors that work on a supervised basis – is legally required to have employers’ liability insurance. By contrast, you’re not legally required to purchase electricians' public liability insurance, but since your work regularly takes you among members of the public, it’s a worthwhile policy to have. It’s worth nothing that your employees are not covered by public liability insurance.

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Office insurance

You may wish to purchase our office contents policy, designed to protect home or office-based small businesses against the cost of replacing or repairing business equipment that has been accidentally damaged, lost or stolen. For your electrician business, you may also want to add some of the specialist covers we offer, including:

  • Tool cover: covers equipment you use during the course of your work, such as screwdrivers and ammeters.
  • Portable equipment: covers equipment used outside of your work premises, useful when visiting customers at their home or office.
  • Business interruption: covers for the financial losses you may face from being unable to trade due to an unexpected interruption in your business.
  • Equipment breakdown: covers the cost of repairing or replacing your equipment and tools after sudden electrical or mechanical breakdown.

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Cyber and data insurance

Working with computers may be a regular part of your job as an electrician. Whether you use a computer for inventory, record keeping, resource management or research, if you keep aspects of your business on a computer, you may benefit from purchasing cyber and data insurance.

Cyber and data insurance can support and protect your business against any legal and recovery costs that you may face if your business experiences a data breach or a hacker attack. If much of your important information and crucial work processes depend on the use of a computer, this type of electrician insurance could be very helpful in protecting your business.

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