Business insurance for Dentists

The reputation of your dental practice is built on trust, so insurance can be an important asset to bolster your professional standing.

Even the most experienced dentistry professionals could require protection against business risks if the unexpected should strike.

Insurance can provide invaluable reassurance for dentists – you can build a comprehensive policy including cyber cover and legal protection to shield against the impact of crime. In minutes, it’s possible to tailor cover with your business in mind.

In a dental practice, full focus is on your patients. Insurance provides financial backing for a number of scenarios – so you can concentrate on patients’ health.


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Why choose Hiscox for dental insurance?


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The Hiscox approach puts expertise first, so specific policies bring access to data, legal and cyber specialists for support at critical moments


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A tailored insurance policy for dentists can be purchased online in minutes and you’ll swiftly receive policy documents via email

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Why do dentists need insurance?

Data in the wrong hands

A big part of your job is gaining and maintaining patients’ trust, and that includes handling personal information responsibly. While you are careful to treat confidential details with the appropriate respect, an administrative mistake means data is shared with the wrong recipient. Should the impacted party file a claim against your dental practice, cyber and data insurance can help. This cover also helps if you’re targeted by a cyber attack – you’ll have cover for legal expenses plus support to aid a quick recovery.

Missing funds

Over time, you’ve assembled a great team within your practice and have always found employees to be professional and trustworthy. However, when you carry out a spot check of the business accounts, strange transactions appear. After a full audit, you discover your long-standing administrator has been taking advantage of their position by making fraudulent payments to a personal account. Insurance for dentists with an additional crime policy can act quickly to help your business recover from such financial losses.

Dismissal disputes

One of your dental nurses has been arriving late consistently and it’s been reported that they’ve been rude to both patients and staff. As a result, appointments run late, and you’ve lost private clients to a neighbouring practice. The situation hasn’t improved after going through the full warning procedure, so you decide a dismissal is the best course of action. Should the employee choose to take you to an employment tribunal as a result, legal protection insurance has you covered.

What cover is included in insurance for dentists?

Crime insurance

The reputation of your dental practice relies on quality service and smooth processes, but unfortunately any businesses can be vulnerable to fraud – crime insurance can help protect against the financial impact. You deal with patients and staff every day and run a busy appointment schedule, so there could be many opportunities for fraudsters to take advantage. Whether you experience theft, forgery or even embezzlement, a crime policy offers flexible cover to assist with financial and reputational recovery – for dentists, this is purchased alongside other covers.

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Insurance for dentists: FAQs

Does Hiscox dentist insurance cover legal expenses?

Yes, insurance for dentists is designed to assist you in situations where you’re obliged to cover legal costs and associated expenses.

For instance, should a patient have cosmetic dentistry, run up a large bill but consistently fail to pay, legal protection insurance supports you through proceedings.

Equally, if you discover bank statement discrepancies and find an employee has used the company account for personal purchases, Hiscox crime insurance has you covered.

How much dental insurance do I need?

All businesses are different and how much dental insurance is right for your practice will depend on your circumstances. The amount of cover you take out is also partly determined by the potential costs that could arise from a claim.

With Hiscox, dentists are able to build an insurance policy specifically for their business and include relevant cover.

Help to safeguard your practice by incorporating cyber cover and commercial legal protection, plus extras such as crime insurance, to create a level of cover you’re happy with for each.

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