Business insurance for Project management offices

When you run a project management business, such as a project management office (PMO) or freelance consultancy, insurance can help to manage the risks that may leave busy professionals financially exposed. 

Client complaints about delays, mistakes or breaches of confidentiality could leave a project manager in need of professional indemnity insurance – but there are other risks too. With Hiscox, you can tailor insurance to your project management business’ liability requirements and also add covers for equipment or cyber risks. 

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Why do project managers need insurance?

Project delays

As the leader of a project management business, you set the standards for stellar timescale management and keep an eye on direction – whether you specialise in IT or interior design projects. When you do this across multiple projects at once, it might be easier than you think for your usual grip to slip. An administrative problem could mean a key product development stage is missed, leading your client to miss out on a timely completion. If they begin legal proceedings for compensation, professional indemnity insurance can help set things right.

An accident at work

Running a busy project management firm is lively business – your breakout rooms are stacked with colour-coded notes, but this atmosphere helps you to keep a laser eye on the details of each project. When a project assistant trips on a stray file, however, they fall into your coffee machine, sustaining injuries. The staff member needs time off to recover and, in this time, you receive a legal letter. Fortunately, your employers’ liability insurance is there to help cover related costs. 

A hacking event

Some project managers like to use the latest software for everything they do, while others prefer Excel. Either way, the digital side to project management carries its own set of risks – and insurance can help to offset them. When the platform you use to track progress and align multiple task streams is hacked, your entire operation could be at risk. When cyber and data insurance is built into your project management policy, there’s help with forensics, data recovery. 

What insurance is available for project management?

You might also include additional covers in your policy such as portable equipment insurance – useful for client meetings – plus legal protection or cyber and data insurance. 

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Insurance for project managers: FAQs

What insurance does a project manager need?

A project manager might need a range of business insurance types, including liability insurance to help manage your responsibilities to people and property. If you work closely with third parties – perhaps by inviting clients into your office – then public liability might be a good fit. Employers’ liability insurance may also be a legal requirement for project management businesses with staff. 

Professional indemnity insurance can safeguard project managers against client claims – so you might need this if you’d otherwise struggle to meet compensation demands. 

If you’re a self-employed project manager, then you might decide to add portable equipment insurance for extra reassurance. 

How much professional indemnity insurance does a project manager need?

A project manager might need varying amounts of professional indemnity insurance – how much you could need depends on factors such as the size and value of the projects you run. 

Anyone who is responsible for delivering services or giving advice can face claims for compensation, but the size of these claims hinge upon the severity of the allegation. You’ll set a limit of cover when you purchase insurance – to get the amount right, it might be useful to think about what a worst-case scenario problem might cost your clients. 

Explore how much professional indemnity insurance you might need further with our FAQ guide. 

How can I insure my project management office?

When your project management business operates from an office, there are certain additional risks that might be worth considering. What happens if a robbery leaves you without key computer equipment, or if a flood damages meeting room furniture?  

Our office insurance brings together several property covers, including contents insurance and commercial property insurance, which is especially useful if you own your project management office. 

Add-ons, such as equipment breakdown cover, can also help you to keep delivering on work even if the unexpected should strike. 

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