For practicing tradesmen, whether that’s carpentry, electrics or anything in between, your tools are essential for getting the job done. If they were to get lost, stolen or damaged, not only are they expensive to replace, but their absence could stall business. That’s why tradesman’s tool insurance is crucial – this type of cover will issue replacements or repairs as quickly as possible, so your business doesn’t miss a beat. 

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What does tradesman tool insurance cover?

Tools insurance is designed to protect tradesmen and trade businesses from the financial implications of crucial tools being broken, stolen or damaged. This can cover the replacement or repair of all sorts of industry specific tools, including hand tools, power tools and plant equipment.

Our cover extends to power tool insurance to cover the cost of repairing broken, lost or stolen equipment, ensuring that you don’t have to fork out for replacements.

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How much tool insurance cover do tradesmen need?

The level of tool insurance cover that you need will depend on the nature of your business and the type of tools that you use. To decide how much cover you need, create an estimate of the value of the tools you want to insure. 

Tool insurance quotes

You can buy standalone tool insurance or add it to your general business insurance policy. Hiscox offers tailored tradesman insurance, designed to cover the common risks faced by practicing tradesmen. This includes public liability and professional indemnity insurance to cover claims of bodily injury, property damage, professional errors and professional negligence.

Other types of cover for tradesmen

In order to keep business running as smoothly as possible, there are other forms of insurance cover that tradesmen may want to consider:

  • Contents insurance
    Contents cover can protect your business assets, including stock, computers, fixtures and fittings if they are stolen or damaged.
  • Personal accident insurance
    Personal accident cover can cover you for loss of income if you were to be injured, leaving you unable to work.
  • Business interruption insurance
    Business interruption insurance protects against the loss of income caused by an unexpected interruption, such as damage to business premises.
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