Business insurance for jewellery designers

Every jewellery designer’s business is different, so insurance requirements can vary too. At Hiscox, we bring together several covers to protect professional bracelet, ring or necklace designers from circumstances that might otherwise take the shine off.

You may create blueprints for high street retailers or design costume jewellery for online sales. Either way, jewellery design brings risks related to product safety, so we can provide relevant liability insurance in case there’s a problem.

This isn’t the only risk designers face, however. If there’s an accident at a craft market, public liability cover could prove important, while cyber insurance steps in if your software is hacked.

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Why do jewellery designers need insurance?

Local market mishap

A nearby craft market brings a welcome opportunity to promote your handmade brass rings and bespoke design services. You borrow a folding table to display a case filled with jewellery, but unfortunately the leg clasp is unstable. When someone leans in to take a closer look, the table gives way, leading to an injury which the shopper makes a claim against your business for. Public liability insurance can help to fund pay-outs if your business is found to have caused injury or property damage.

Faulty necklace

Your designs are always carefully drawn and created, but since jewellery is worn on the skin, there can be problems if something is a little off shape. Your latest handmade necklace attaches beads with wire, but when this is a few millimetres too long, the exposed surface becomes a costly fault. An injury leads to a court case, where the injured party pursues damages. Product liability insurance can help with claims for bodily injury arising from your jewellery.

Missed the brief

Life as a freelance jewellery designer means you often welcome partnerships, so you snap up the opportunity to collaborate with a well-known fashion house. However, you’re also facing a backlog of orders and misjudge how long it will take to fulfil them. When you finally begin crafting a statement ring the fashion house has requested, time is tight, and as a result the quality isn’t as expected. Professional indemnity insurance can support a jewellery designer with claims and compensation linked to client complaints.

What insurance is available for jewellery designers?

You can also choose to include other insurance types for your small business: professional indemnity insurance to guard against the impact of client complaints, property insurance or personal accident cover. If you have staff, it’s worth noting that employers’ liability insurance is often a legal requirement (external link).

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Do I need insurance to sell handmade jewellery?

Do I need insurance to sell handmade jewellery?

Yes, selling handmade jewellery is a business activity which comes with risks and responsibilities, so you may wish to carefully consider taking out insurance. This can help to protect your finances from the impact of legal complaints.

Including product liability as part of your public liability insurance can help to pay for defence costs and settle compensation demands if a jewellery fault harms someone. Without this cover, you may need cash reserves to pay for this.

You may also require other types of business insurance depending on the way you sell handmade jewellery. For instance, if you travel to markets and interact with customers, then public liability insurance may be relevant, while contents insurance protects your stock.

What insurance do I need to sell my jewellery online?

To sell jewellery online, you may need key covers such as product liability and contents insurance to safeguard your business against standard risks of the profession. Online businesses often stand to benefit from extra covers such as cyber and data insurance – this helps if your website is hacked and customer details are stolen.

Cyber insurance may be particularly beneficial for jewellery designers who sell their creations using secure payment services. Additionally, it can also benefit people who sell via third parties or process orders by email.

What insurance do I need if I operate my business from home?

Many of the same covers are relevant for jewellery designers who work from home, including product liability insurance, plus cyber insurance if you rely on digital communication.

To ensure your stock is covered at home, you may need to check and update your home insurance policy, since home contents cover sometimes doesn’t insure business items. Visit our home-based business insurance page for more information on the most suitable covers.

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