Business insurance for complaint handlers

A professional complaint handler smooths over disagreements as a matter of course, and business insurance can work to do the same if a problem is alleged to be because of your work.

Business insurance tailored to include professional indemnity cover can protect complaint handling professionals from the impact of disagreements that arise as you service contracts.

Complaint handling cover can also protect against certain liabilities – so whether there’s a cyber-attack or an employee becomes injured at work, insurance can provide financial and practical support and respond to the challenges involved in your line of work.

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Why do complaint handlers need insurance?

Mistake in your call scripts

Lots of time and money goes into crafting call scripts for your customer services team to follow when speaking to customers or clients on the phone. But what if one of your scripts contains an error that leads to one of your team providing incorrect advice? If a customer or client launches a legal claim against your business, professional indemnity insurance can help to pay compensation and legal costs.

Major data breach

Your customer relationship management (CRM) software is filled with the information you need to efficiently respond to customer issues, such as names, addresses and financial information. When hackers steal sensitive data, cyber insurance helps complaint handling professionals to respond quickly by covering the cost of recovery efforts, repairs and defending you against compensation claims. If your backup systems fail and key information is corrupted, then we’ll help you to manage the reputational aftershocks too.

Operational problems

If your contact centre is damaged by fire or broken into, you’ll run into problems dealing with customer complaints – especially if key items such as computers are out of action. Without the ability to take calls or answer emails, everything stops, so having insurance for your premises can help to keep the wheels of business turning. Including buildings and contents insurance in your complaints handling policy means we’ll cover the costs of repairs or replacements so you can reopen communication channels as quickly as possible.

What insurance is available for complaint handlers?

If you need additional support, we can also help to insure your office, public liabilities and to provide legal protection insurance. We have a specialist policy to protect company directors too.

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Insurance for complaint handlers: FAQs

How much professional indemnity cover do I need?

Consider the nature of the complaints you deal with and the value of client accounts when setting the limits of your professional indemnity insurance. If you deal with financial complaints on behalf of large businesses, then the value of a potential court case could be higher than it would for other firms.

Complaint volume may be worth considering too – whatever your niche, professional indemnity risk is about the value of a worst-case scenario error.

Calculating professional indemnity needs is a personal process for each complaint handling firm. Our guide to setting a PI cover limit explores the issue further.

What insurance do I need if I rent my call centre premises?

Office insurance combines covers that may help complaint professionals who rent their premises. This product includes contents cover for your furniture, computers and personal effects and also helps if windows need to be boarded after a break-in, for instance.

It’s possible to purchase equipment breakdown cover as an add-on, which could provide valuable support to a call centre unable to operate due to a broken server, for instance.

Employers’ liability cover becomes relevant if you hire call centre staff, while public liability could be useful if you work in a shared space and encounter people from outside your business.

How much is Hiscox complaint handling insurance?

Hiscox business insurance policies start at £8.40 per month*.

Our approach is tailored, so the cost depends on the policies you include and the limits you set for each. Building your own business insurance policy helps complaint handlers to manage business risks while keeping a handle on the cost.

Some aspects of your quote will also depend on factors such as how closely you interact with the public. Learn more about the cost of business insurance by reading our FAQ.

*Figures based on an average of all business insurance policies sold to at least 10% of our customer base between January 2023 and January 2024

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