Business insurance for Bakers

While you work to perfect your beautiful breads and pastries, business insurance for bakers can protect your business.

You might own a small-scale bakery or work from your home-based commercial kitchen. Either way, insurance can help if things go wrong.

Protect your precious baking equipment with business contents cover or guard against personal injury with public liability insurance.

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*Figures based on an average of all business insurance policies sold to at least 10% of our customer base between January 2023 and January 2024



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Why do bakers and bakeries need insurance?

Food poisoning complaints

Running a small bakery, you like to sell a variety of sweet and savoury. Little twists go down well with your regulars. But one day your spicy sausage rolls prove less popular. Several customers complain of food poisoning. It turns out a faulty oven timer led to undercooked food.

While you pull items from the shelves and issue a warning, a letter lands asking for compensation. With products liability insurance built into your bakers’ policy, you could get financial help if your goods cause illness.

An injured baker

After removing sourdough loaves from an oven, one of your employees leaves a tray to cool. Unaware the tray is hot another employee goes to move it and badly burns their hand. This employee can’t work until the burn heals, and they seek compensation for lost earnings.

If your bakery has staff, you may be legally required to have employers’ liability insurance (external link). With this, you can get help compensating injured staff.  

Home bakery theft

For a home-based bakery business, equipment is everything. You might own state-of-the-art pastry sheeters, bread moulders, or worktop mixers. It takes a long time to collect and can be gone in an instant.

When you return from a well-earned holiday, you find a smashed window. Inside, some of your machinery has been stolen. Without replacements, you won’t be able to decorate a wedding cake in time. Contents insurance can help replace a home-based baker’s commercial kitchen equipment.

What insurance is available for bakers and bakeries?

Some bakers tailor their policy with other options, such as employers’ liability insurance, generally a legal requirement (external link) if you employ staff, portable equipment insurance, equipment breakdown insurance and commercial property insurance.

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Insurance for bakers and bakeries: FAQs

Can I deliver food without business insurance?

If your bakery offers a home delivery service, you might need a range of insurance covers to stay protected. It can be a good idea to inform your car or van insurance provider. Delivering food is considered a commercial activity and may affect your policy. You may require business use coverage for a delivery vehicle. There are also public liability risks associated with delivering food. For example, you could knock over a vase when delivering a wedding cake.

Do I need insurance for my bakery employees?

Yes, it’s likely you’ll need employers’ liability insurance for your bakery employees. Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement (external link) in most cases. It’s there to help you pay compensation in the event an employee of yours is hurt while doing their job. This applies to part-time or volunteer staff too.

How much does bakers’ insurance cost?

Business insurance for bakers starts from as little as £8.40*. However, we calculate the cost of business insurance based on your individual needs and the policy you decided to build. With Hiscox, you pay for what you add, and we tailor your policy to you.

*Figures based on an average of all business insurance policies sold to at least 10% of our customer base between January 2023 and January 2024

Does bakery insurance cover my stock?

Yes, our business insurance for bakeries and home bakers can help cover stock if your policy includes contents cover. This might include cover damage to stock that’s been caused by a fire, flood or escape of water. Please note that standard excess could mean claims under £250 may not be covered.

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