Hiscox and our trusted partners form a distribution chain to provide Hiscox products to our mutual customers.

We want to work together to try and resolve any situations that may lead to poor customer outcomes before they escalate, and appreciate all of your efforts to deliver good outcomes for our mutual customers.

Aligned to this, there are responsibilities on all parties to inform the distribution chain where anyone identifies:

  • circumstances that may adversely affect customers
  • if a product no longer delivers fair value
  • a communication that is no longer delivering good outcomes

To bring this to life, we would expect you to notify Hiscox if you have any of the following concerns:

  • Concerns about the product e.g. if the product has been sold outside of the target market, or does not offer fair value.
  • Financial concerns e.g. if customers are being charged excessively high fees or premium finance rates
  • Concerns about customer understanding e.g. if customers have received unclear, incorrect or misleading documentation, information or advice, including where key customer information is missing.
  • Service, or customer support concerns e.g. if there are service issues or failures resulting in potential customer harm e.g. IT outages that result in delays to claims payments, processing of renewals etc

Additionally, firms are required to notify the FCA if they become aware that another firm in the distribution chain is not complying with Principle 12 (external link)

The most direct route for you to notify Hiscox is to complete this form, and email it to [email protected]