Contents insurance calculator

Use our contents insurance calculator to work out an approximate value for your home contents. We have created this calculator to address the common problem of underinsurance. In a survey of our policyholders by an independent valuer, we found that on average people had underestimated the value of their general contents by 40%.

It's easy to do – we are constantly acquiring possessions throughout our lives and the cost of replacing everything we own, as new, is not something we generally stop to think about. The effects of underinsurance are only felt in the event of a claim – particularly a 'total loss' – as the most any insurer will pay is the amount you have insured for. If you have any feedback or questions about your contents, please contact us or call 0845 330 4105.

We also offer a tailored and personalised valuation service. If this is of interest we can recommend a valuer to arrange this.

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We can suggest an approximate contents sum insured based on the information you have provided in this contents calculator, we will suggest an approximate amount for your contents insurance. Please be aware it is at all times the responsibility of you, the policyholder, to ensure that this reflects the true replacement cost of your possessions.