Toxic chemicals, specialist tools, and potentially dangerous environments; the work of a pest controller can be fraught with risky situations that call for a professional to handle correctly.

While much of your business is centred around providing a safe, effective and efficient service for your customers, it’s important to take steps to take a similar care of the business itself. Comprehensive pest control insurance can help your pest control business thrive whatever circumstances it might face.

Professional indemnity insurance for a pest control business

As a pest controller, you provide a bespoke, specialist service that often involves carrying out procedures and tasks at customers’ homes and offices; as well as providing advice. Professional indemnity insurance can help protect your business if a customer claims that they’ve experienced a financial loss or physical injury due to the work you’ve done, or the advice you’ve provided.

Even the smallest accidental spillage can have dangerous consequences when dealing with hazardous chemicals, and vigilance is key during your day-to-day operations. As such, professional indemnity insurance can prove to be a crucial pest control business insurance to keep your business going strong.

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Public liability insurance for pest control

Public liability insurance provides protection if a member of the public accuses you or your business of causing them personal injury or damaging their property. For example, a member of the public may blame you if their garden becomes accidentally damaged due to the pest control measures you’ve carried out for their neighbour, or if you accidentally drop your torch while on a ladder and hit a passer-by.

Pest control liability insurance can help cover the costs associated with providing compensation and covering legal and medical fees in the event of a claim. Your insurance provider may ask you to provide a list of all the hazardous chemicals and the methods of pest control you use in your work, so they can specify which ones are covered in your insurance policy.

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Employers’ liability insurance for pest control

If your pest control business involves one or more employees, casual workers or temporary staff, you’re required to purchase an appropriate amount of employers’ liability insurance. Employers’ liability insurance covers claims from employees that working for you has caused them to become ill or injured. It can cover the cost of providing compensation, treating injury, defending and settling any legal cases, and meeting legal costs.

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Do I need both public liability + employers’ liability insurance?

When you’re purchasing pest control liability insurance, you’ll need to consider public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance. While employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ one or more members of staff at your pest control business, public liability insurance is optional. As you often work in clients’ homes and offices and may get visits from members of the public at your business premises, public liability insurance could still prove crucial as protection against any claims made by a member of the public.

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Office insurance

As part of your pest control business insurance, you may want to purchase office insurance. Our office contents policy protects home and office-based small businesses if their business equipment or tools become damaged, lost or stolen.

Office insurance can cover the cost of repairing or replacing your tools and equipment, and you can also add the following specialist covers to make sure you’re fully protected:

  • Tool cover: covers the tools and equipment that you use for your business, such as spray systems and thermal foggers.
  • Portable equipment: as you regularly travel to customers’ homes or offices, this could be crucial cover that protects equipment and tools regularly taken off your business premises.
  • Business interruption: covers the financial losses you may experience as a result of an interruption to your business.
  • Equipment breakdown: covers the cost of repairing or replacing equipment that has had a sudden electrical or mechanical breakdown.

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