Business insurance for Furniture shops

From bookcases to dining tables, furniture shops transform a house into a home. But insurance can help if something goes wrong, such as discovering damaged stock.

It’s not just broken products insurance can support with. Furniture shops can experience unexpected events, like a customer being injured in your shop. Hiscox can help keep your business operating as it should.

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Why do furniture shops need insurance?

Customer property damage

Not everyone can transport a three-piece suite on their own. So, many new furniture shops offer delivery as part of their service. When staff deliver a new dining table to a customer, a narrow hallway results in a shattered vase and an upset customer.

Public liability insurance can help your furniture business if a member of the public claims you’ve damaged their property, either on your business premises or while away from your shop. Public liability can also help if a member of the public is hurt because of your work.

Employee is injured at work

Wear and tear are part of owning furniture, but restoration can help keep things in good condition. When repairing a worn leather sofa, a member of your team cuts their hand on a knife, requiring a hospital visit.

They won’t be able to work while their hand heals and may have reduced mobility. Employers’ liability insurance can help protect your furniture shop if an employee claims against your business for their injury.

Damaged stock

You’re opening your business when you notice something isn’t quite right. A side door has been forced open, and the office broken into overnight. Not only this, but several pieces of furniture have been damaged and some of your tech displays are missing. A quick check of security tapes shows thieves have stolen from you in the night and damaged furniture in the process.

Business contents insurance can help your furniture shop if stock is lost, damaged or stolen. Accidents and break-ins can happen no matter what you do. With business contents insurance, you can get help with the cost of repairs and replacements.

What insurance is available for furniture shops?

If you sell furniture online, you might also find cyber insurance useful. If you work for yourself, you may want to consider cover for personal accidents which will pay you a weekly benefit if you’re unable to work due to a serious injury. Depending on your situation, you may also want to consider legal protection insurance.

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These are some of the types of business insurance we offer for new furniture shops. We can provide other cover types and build them into a policy tailored to the needs of your business.

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Insurance for furniture shops: FAQs

Do I need different insurance for restoring furniture?

If you’re restoring furniture, this can increase the chances of a claim for injury or damage arising from the items you work on, so it’s important that you tell your insurer about this. Products liability cover could therefore be more important to you, as well as cover for loss or damage to the tools you use for your restoration projects. You may also benefit from professional indemnity insurance, if you offer professional advice on restoration or provide furniture designs for customers.

Can I get financial support if I can’t work due to an injury?

Personal accident insurance can provide financial help if you’re unable to work due to an accident which causes bodily injury. It will also help with medical, counselling and physio expenses and, if your accident has resulted in a permanent disability, you can also get help with retraining costs. There’s also help if you need to make alterations to your workplace, for example, if you’re required to use a wheelchair.

What if a customer claims they’ve been injured by furniture we’ve sold to them?

No matter how many safety protocols you follow and quality checks you employ, there is a chance someone might say they were hurt by your furniture. Products liability insurance can provide cover when a customer claims to be injured by your furniture. This cover can apply whether you supply, restore, or sell furniture and is included with public liability insurance.