Over the years Hiscox has sponsored many organisations, events and individuals. This enables us to reach our target audience and raise awareness of Hiscox while supporting key initiatives.

Hiscox receives many sponsorship requests and we only select the few that fit best with our sponsorship marketing strategy. At present our plans and budget are fully committed. But if you would like to submit an application for future consideration we have listed below the key criteria we use in assessing sponsorship requests.

See examples to the left of our existing sponsorships.

Sponsorship assessment criteria:

  • How will the sponsorship fit with our brand, objectives and underwriting portfolio?
  • What are the sponsorship benefits?
  • What is the proposed cost?
  • What are the dates and location of the sponsorship?
  • Can our employees be involved, and if so how?
  • Does the organisation/event complement our existing sponsor partnerships?
  • What will the funds provided by Hiscox predominantly be used for?

Should you wish to submit a request for sponsorship, please ensure you have reviewed the above to make sure your proposal fits our criteria. You can then email your application to: [email protected]

We do not offer support to organisations that: 

  • May be construed as discriminatory
  • Could be detrimental to public health or safety
  • Promote or encourage smoking, alcohol or any substance abuse
  • Are political or religious organisations
  • Are associated with gambling or betting