Whether you’re out and about at home or abroad, your credit cards, cash, handbags, wallets, mobile phones, jewellery and laptops tend to be your most vulnerable possessions.

How to keep your personal possessions safe

  • Keep valuables like jewellery, iPods and mobile phones hidden.
  • Never leave your bag or other personal items unattended – take them with you, or ask a friend to watch them.
  • If you're on holiday and leaving items in your room, always make sure you use the safe if provided and lock your room.
  • Avoid putting everything in one place like a bag, try and keep your purse or wallet in a pocket, with your keys and mobile in different pockets.
  • If you're walking, especially after dark, stick to busy well-lit streets.
  • Carry your bag close, with the clasp facing you and your keys in your pocket. If someone tries to take your bag, let it go – don't risk getting hurt.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you have headphones on, or are talking on your mobile, you’re advertising your belongings and will be unable to hear any signs of trouble.

One all encompassing policy to cover your home and contents

Dedicated (Home Generic)

Claims are managed by a dedicated claims handler

60 days (Home Generic)

Valuables you take away from home are covered for up to 60 days

Why choose Hiscox Home Insurance?

To help make sure you're never underinsured, our new home insurance provides unlimited cover. This means that whatever the value of your loss, you can be confident you’re covered. For certain claims, such as the loss of money while away from home, there's a maximum amount we'd pay. However, the cover we provide is still higher than most other home insurance policies. Visit our cover details page to learn more.

Hiscox Home Insurance includes worldwide cover as standard for theft, loss and damage of your possessions when you take them away from home, for up to 60 days at a time, and unattended luggage and bags are covered up to £10,000. Plus, with Hiscox unlimited cover, you don’t have to list any individual items, pairs or sets worth less than £15,000 and you only need to give us an overall value for any jewellery, art and collections.

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  • Accidental damage for buildings and contents included as standard
  • Dedicated claims handler assigned to all home insurance claims as standard
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