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Our guide to protecting your bike

Bicycle pundit Richard Peace gives his top tips for keeping your bike safe and secure.

Bicycle Cover

Hiscox contents insurance provides bicycle cover as standard, there is no need to list individual bikes up to the value of £15,000 as they are automatically insured whilst stored at home. We provide cover away from home for bicycles up to the value of £3,500, provided it was locked to a fixed structure or within a locked building.

Why choose Hiscox Home Insurance for your bicycle cover?

Cover away from home as standard

Your bikes are covered automatically whilst away from the home up to £3,500 per bike, provided they are locked to a fixed structure or in a locked building, should you leave them unattended.

No need to list individual bikes valued under £3,500

You only need to tell us about any bikes worth more than £3,500 if you need cover for when you take these away from the home.

Need cover for more expensive bikes whilst away from the home?

We are able to increase your cover for more expensive bikes up to £5,000 individually, for an extra charge. Just call our Insurance Experts on 0808 1150 696 to discuss.

Broader cover for your bikes when kept inside the home

We cover bikes whilst kept in the home up to your contents sum insured, valued up to £15,000 for any one bike. If you need cover for a more expensive bike just call our insurance experts on 0808 1150 696 to discuss. Cover for bikes in outbuildings (Where most of these are likely to be kept) is limited to £10,000.

Protecting your bikes

For any bike worth more than £3,500 we suggest security tagging and an approved registration scheme. This is not a requirement to be insured by us, however registering with a scheme below can help the Police identify the owners of recovered property more easily.

Approved cycle registration schemes include:
The Bike Register
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Cover for your son or daughter's bike when they're away at university

Student insurance is provided as standard with Hiscox home insurance, meaning that their belongings are covered up to the agreed limit on your schedule. So if your son or daughter's bike was stolen from their residence, which we would class as their temporary home, it would be covered up to our single article limit for contents at £15,000 as standard. If it were stolen when stored elsewhere, for example if it were locked to a bike rack outside a lecture hall, our away-from-home limit of £3,500 would apply. This can give you peace of mind that your children will continue to have bicycle insurance in place when they move away from home.

Cover for bike accessories

Your bike accessories will be protected under your contents away from home insurance, provided you have selected accidental damage as part of your policy cover. This means that anything that is damaged outside of the actual core parts of your bike (such as the framework, seat and pedals) is not subject to the £3,500 bike limit. For example, if you fell off your bike whilst out and about, we would pay all items that make up the actual bike under the bike limit. However we would pay for any portable accessories as extra in addition to this limit. These would include things such as on-board computers, water bottle cages, saddlebags, helmets and locking devices.
Get bicycle cover as part of a home insurance policy

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