Coronavirus is affecting us all and as the situation continues to evolve, so does our response. Supporting our customers through these unsettling times, and safeguarding the wellbeing of our employees and our partners, are our top priorities right now.

If your client is a Hiscox customer and you have questions about their policy, our FAQs are your best first port of call. Please contact us only where necessary and if your question is not answered below.

These are unprecedented times, but we remain committed to delivering the best possible service we can. If this takes a little longer than usual, please bear with us.

Travel insurance

Home insurance

Motor insurance

Events cancellation insurance

Post and payment by cheque

To assist with the thought process of returning to work we have put together a set of questions that businesses can ask themselves to help navigate these unprecedented times: Returning to work during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Additional resources

Hiscox Business Support Hub

The Hiscox Business Support Hub gives your customers access to a range of free and significantly discounted business services to help them navigate through these uncertain times. Services include funding support, expert phone advice, legal/employment support and accounting.

Hiscox UK's response to coronavirus (COVID-19)