Have your clients considered what would happen to their business if a key member of staff suffered a serious injury and was unable to work? Hiscox Personal Accident Insurance would provide them with a lump sum payment to help support their business or staff during this difficult period.

Key features

  • lump sum payment to the business, up to £100,000 if an employee sustains a physical injury as a result of an accident, either within or outside working hours, which results in their death or permanent disablement
  • employee continuity cover – up to £10,000 cover for recruitment expenses. They can choose an existing recruiter or our preferred partner
  • retraining budget – we will provide up to £10,000 funding to retrain the affected person for an alternative occupation if they cannot continue their former job
  • funeral expenses –up to £5,000 to cover funeral costs. This would also cover repatriation costs if required.

Who is it for?

The product is suitable for small and medium sized businesses, charities, clubs and associations across a range of sectors, including:

  • Clerical workers, such as management consultants, recruitment agents, technology consultants, solicitors and accountants
  • Non-manual workers, such as surveyors, architects, health and safety consultants, facilities management staff and training providers
  • Charitable staff and volunteers engaged in clerical or non-manual activities
  • Clubs and associations engaged in clerical or non-manual activities.

How to arrange cover for your client

You will need to tell us how many employees they wish to insure (from 1 to the whole company), what level of cover they would like and confirm they meet the statement of fact. The policy is based on a package price per employee:

Level of cover (£/€) Cost per employee* (£/€)
25,000 50
50,000 80
100,000 140

*Annual cost per employee, inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax of 10% in the UK and 5% Insurance Levy in Ireland.


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Claims Scenarios

An employee is injured in a car accident outside of work, and her resultant injuries include the loss of her arm. Her employer, a Hiscox Personal Accident  policyholder, has committed under her employment contract to provide cover to the value of their Hiscox Personal Accident policy. The employee receives a lump sum benefit under the policy, and also receives further support from Hiscox towards retraining costs to help her prepare for a new occupation. Her former employers receive additional support from Hiscox towards their sudden recruitment expenses.

A partner at a small law firm in England falls down a flight of stairs and dies. The partnership had purchased their office insurance from Hiscox, including personal accident cover. The partnership receive a lump sum payment from Hiscox following the death of the partner, which helps to offset the drop in turnover and loss of business resultant from the partner’s untimely death. The Hiscox Personal Accident policy also contributes towards the funeral costs incurred by the deceased’s family.

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