Hiscox Personal Cyber Insurance has been specifically designed to meet the needs of customers who wish to protect themselves against online threats to their personal computer network, hardware, IT and communication systems.

Our recently simplified cover now offers a single £100,000 limit with an annual premium of £95 (inc. IPT). 

Key features

  • Hacker damage – for repair and replacement of the clients’ computer hardware, software and retrieval of personal data.
  • Cyber theft – for loss of personal funds, personal documents, title deeds, internet data and call charges incurred by the hacker.
  • Social engineering – for the theft of client funds transferred to a fraudulent account following a phishing attack.
  • Cyber extortion – for a ransom being demanded following a cyber-crime.
  • Cyber media liability – for financial loss as a result of a client’s personal accounts being hacked, and they’re found guilty of infringing intellectual property rights, transmitting a computer virus or making libellous/slanderous comments.

Who is it for?

The following should help you assess whether Hiscox Personal Cyber Insurance policy is suitable for your client.

  • The policy is available to new and existing 606 household customers
  • Clients should have not suffered a loss in the last five years which would have been covered by this insurance if it had been in force.
  • Clients should not be aware of any incidents which may lead to a loss which would be covered by this insurance.
  • Clients must have up-to-date antivirus and firewalls in place to protect their personal computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and home computer network.
  • The client should update their Android, Apple of other applicable operating systems within 90 days of an update becoming available.

    Why choose Hiscox?

    • Each policy includes one ‘Pro’ licence to DynaRisk*, a cyber-risk assessment and management tool which will help clients to determine their personal cyber score, where their vulnerabilities lie, how they can increase their protection online, highlight any known data breaches involving email accounts, undertake anti-phishing training and review how-to guides.
    • We have cyber victim assistance** ready to provide expert advice and guidance to clients if they’re attacked.
    • A dedicated, award-winning claims teams***. We take a common-sense approach to claims and ensure they are handled quickly, efficiently and fairly.

    * DynaRisk is a third-party company and product and not part of Hiscox
    ** We partner with Control Risks – a global risk consultancy specialist
    *** 2021 Consumer Intelligence award winner for claims, as voted for by householders


    Cyber-risk assessment & management tool

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