As part of Hiscox’s commitment to the support and promotion of young and up and coming artists, we began a  sponsorship in 2012 with the Royal Academy Schools (an integral part of the Royal Academy of Arts).

The Royal Academy Schools Hiscox Scholarship involves an award of prizes to two second year students (enrolled on a three year course) which includes a bursary for the Royal Academy Schools as well as a prize fund for the students themselves.

“We wanted to do something directly with the Royal Academy Schools’ students and, uniquely, we have focused on giving prizes to those mid-way through their studies,” comments Whitney Hintz, Curator of the Hiscox Collection. “This enables us to develop an on-going relationship with the prize winners and follow their progress in their final year of study.”

Winners in 2015 were Elliot Dodd and Jack Killick, Robert Hiscox and Whitney Hintz judged the students’ work.

RA School

Caption: Image1 - from left: Whitney Hintz, Jack Killick and Robert Hiscox; Image2 - from left: Whitney Hintz, Curator of the Hiscox Collection, Elliot Dodd and Robert Hiscox

Previous winners:

2014 – Ziggy Grudsinskas and Rebecca Ackroyd
2013 – Coco Crampton and Alice Theobald
2012 – Adnam Faranawy and Prem Sahib

For more information on the Royal Academy Schools see (external link)