Launched on April 4, 2016, Flood Re aims to give homeowners in high flood-risk areas more options when it comes to protecting their properties.

Flood Re is, essentially, insurance for insurance companies. This means that when a homeowner makes a flood claim, the insurer can pay out to the customer, and Flood Re will then reimburse the insurer.

The Flood Re scheme also helps people to better understand their level of flood risk and explains how they can take action to reduce their risk, where possible. The scheme is intended to operate for 25 years, allowing time for the government, local authorities, insurers and communities to work together to improve flood preparedness. This could mean, for example, making use of effective land planning, sustainable drainage, sustainable development and effective flood-risk management.

Homeowners will not have to deal with Flood Re directly and should not have to do anything differently when it comes to making a claim.

For more information about how Flood Re works, please visit the Flood Re scheme website (external link).

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