Whether you work in construction, finance, retail or catering, no business comes without its associated risks. As soon as your company has contact with the general public, whether it be your customers, clients or simply passers-by, you become vulnerable to public liability claims and even legal proceedings. For example, if someone were to get injured or their property is damaged as a result of your work, you could be held liable.

Unfortunately, even when you have a diligent set of health and safety rules in place and you do your utmost to keep things running smoothly, accidents can still happen. It could be something as simple as someone tripping over your equipment as you repair a light fitting, or a client’s laptop suffering water damage after a drink is spilt during a meeting.

Public liability insurance facilitates your business to fight any claim that comes your way, whether you believe you’re at fault or not. Take a browse through some of our previous insurance claims stories which outline some public liability claims examples, to get an idea how we could help you.

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Examples of Public Liability Claims - Hiscox Case Studies

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