Business interruption insurance is designed to cover your business against the loss of income that is the result of being unable to trade due to an unexpected interruption, such as insured damage to property. This may be because of unforeseen circumstances such as a fire, flood or major theft that have left your business premises unusable. 

In case this happens to you, it’s important to consider how you would keep your business running in the interim, including how you would pay bills and maintain relationships with your clients and suppliers.

Our business interruption insurance can protect your business from the impacts of an interruption to your business caused by insured damage to:

  • your office, for example flood, fire or vandalism
  • property nearby which prevents access to your office, for example a gas explosion at a neighbouring building which has led to the entire area being closed off
  • the premises of a supplier of yours in the EU.

This cover can be added to your Hiscox Office Insurance policy to create one, simple package.

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How Hiscox Business Interruption Insurance protects your business

If your business is unable to trade because of an interruption, business interruption insurance would cover your lost income for up to 12 months. It would also cover the increased costs of working, which are those additional costs and expenses you incur in order to minimise your loss of income, for example the cost of renting an alternative office while your usual office is repaired following a fire.

We also have a specialised form of business interruption tailored to the needs of  technology businesses.

We also have a range of other business interruption cover options available over the phone. Please call and speak to one of our business insurance experts to find out more.

When you buy office contents insurance you can add business interruption to your policy. You can also add the following additional covers to your Hiscox Office Insurance policy:

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