What does employers’ liability insurance cover?

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How employers liability protects your business

As an employer, you will be liable for any injury sustained as a direct result of carrying out work for, or within, the business. If an employee slips on a wet surface inside the office and damages their back, you may face the cost of settling and defending the claim.

Employers’ liability will cover these legal costs, including compensation pay-outs and legal fees should the case go to court due to a breach of a regulation or statute.

In the event of a legal battle with a member of staff, the compensation amount might reflect factors such as medical costs and loss of income, as a result of the employee not being able to work. Employers’ liability will cover this cost up to the policy limit. While most businesses are required to hold £5 million of EL cover, we offer £10 million of cover as standard to make sure you are covered.

Claims can still be made after somebody has stopped working for your business, as symptoms may only become apparent after several months.

Employers’ liability insurance can cover your business for any person working for, or in connection with your business. You’ll need to check whether you’re protected against claims by any volunteers and self-employed individuals who could suffer an injury or illness during their employment with you.

You’ll also need to check whether you need to buy additional cover for any interns, students on work experience, independent contractors or freelancers.

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