Public liability insurance

If you run a business, anyone can make a claim if they believe they’ve been injured or that their property was damaged by you or your employees. Public liability insurance guards against claims that can cause stress and cost you time and money. We can cover you up to £10 million for legal costs, compensation and expenses.

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Public liability insurance explained

It’s often a surprise to business owners just how many incidents could result in a claim, and it doesn’t even have to happen on your property. Putting public liability insurance in place takes away a whole host of unknowns, so you can get on with running your business. Product liability insurance works as part of your public liability cover to give you an extra layer of protection.

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About public liability insurance

What does public liability cover do?

If a customer or member of the public makes a claim against your business, public liability insurance covers the legal fees and compensation payments you’d need to pay. Even if you’re not at fault, we’ll cover all your costs – we can’t take away the headache of a claim, but we can make sure it doesn’t come out of your pocket.

When should I get public liability insurance?

Public liability isn’t a legal requirement, but with the sheer number of things you can’t plan for, it gives security to have a policy in place. It’s not just for the obvious injuries and potential damage you might have thought of, it’s for all the other things you can’t spend your time trying to second guess. Even if you only work from your own premises, a client, visitor, or any other member of the public could be injured there.

How much public liability cover will I need?

We’ll work with you to put together the right policy, to give you peace of mind and free up your attention for running your business. The value of the cover you’ll need will depend on the kinds of costs that could arise from the work you do and any injuries or damage that might occur.

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All you need to know about public liability insurance

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Where public liability cover can help

Damage to property

Public liability insurance is there for the eventualities – the things that hadn’t even occurred to you, but could happen all the same. If a storm blows the sign off the front of your shop and it lands on someone’s car, they’re going to blame you and make a claim. It’s a headache you could do without and public liability insurance makes it easier.

Causing illness

The chances of causing illness to a member of the public in your professional capacity might seem remote, but it doesn’t have to be your products or services that do it. If you’re holding a reception or appearing at a trade show and you’re putting on refreshments, anyone who becomes ill as a result could put the blame on you.

Slips, trips and falls

Thinking about causing injury to the public tends to conjure up images of dramatic accidents – the type that probably won’t occur in your business activities. But you can be held liable for all sorts of slips, trips and falls and they can prove just as costly. If someone trips over your exhibition stand, even if it wasn’t your fault, you could find yourself in court.

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What’s included in your public liability cover

We’ll cover you if:

  • Someone is injured or becomes ill and they blame it on you, your employees or the activities of your business.
  • There’s damage to property, either belonging to a customer or a member of the public. 
  • A courier leaves your building in a hurry and slips on the stairs.
  • One of your employees causes damage to property at an off-site meeting.


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Public Liability Insurance FAQs

Read our FAQs of popular questions about public liability insurance to find answers to questions on policies, quotes, and payments.

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