Real examples of indemnity protection for professional athletes

The decision to remove a player from a semi-professional football team did not come without its backlash. The ex-member challenged his expulsion and placed a claim against the club for unfair dismissal.

A claim for unfair dismissal was not the result this football club was after

A semi-professional football club recently found themselves in a position where they felt it was necessary to expel a member of the team, after he displayed behaviour that they deemed unacceptable. Unfortunately, his exit was not smooth, and the player took the team to court.

As a Hiscox business insurance customer, the football club had professional indemnity cover in place, protecting them from claims of this nature. We stepped in to assist the club through the process and hopefully settle the dispute with minimal fallout.

The ex-player alleged that the football club had not followed the correct procedure when considering his dismissal from the team. Due to the nature of the claim, it required sensitive handling, as we supported our customer through a firm, yet respectful denial of liability. Fortunately, the matter was not pursued any further.

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