R&D credits and tax relief

GovGrant is here to make sure that innovation is recognised and receives the full range of innovation tax incentives.


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GovGrant specialise in working with a range of innovative businesses to get the correct level of R&D credits and tax relief you can claim from the government.

They have successfully processed over 6000 claims, delivering over £184m of claimed benefit for their clients.

If you are in the Technology, Media, Creative or Fintech sectors, you may be able to claim £000’s back.

95% of the SME companies GovGrant meet will qualify for the R&D tax relief scheme.

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What do Hiscox customers get?

  • Free desk-based assessment of your current R&D and Patent Box claims. Yes or no indicator for increasing the value of your current claims.
  • Free filing for the initial term. Usually an annual cost of £250-£1000 over 4 years as standard.
  • Reduced contingent fee structure for both R&D and Patent Box claims to 20% of the benefit received from HMRC, a significant discount from their standard 25% fee.
  • This fee is reduced further to 10% for year 1 provided the engagement is for a 4 year term (years 2-4 at 20%).
  • 20% discount on GovGrant's core IP Services. Including IP Harvest and the IP Strength Test.

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