Hiscox has partnered with occupational health and safety experts Praxis42 to launch the Hiscox Risk Academy. Available to mid-market sized Hiscox clients at renewal and for new customers, the Hiscox Risk Academy provides a suite of e-learning modules tailored to each business and their industry sector, covering general health and safety, fire risk management and employee wellbeing advice.

The Hiscox Risk Academy is a free online risk management platform for commercial insurance policy holders. Access to the Risk Academy is automatically offered to eligible policyholders and once they have signed up, they will be able to set up and roll out the service to their employees.

Hiscox Risk Academy: explained in 1 minute

Frequently asked questions

It is the law in England and Wales for employers to effectively manage the risk and wellbeing of employees and the public. The Hiscox Risk Academy has been designed to simplify and streamline the whole process.

There is value to the policyholder no matter what their current position is:

  • Provide – if they currently have no solution in place, they get access to the Hiscox Risk Academy at no extra cost.
  • Replace – if they are paying for a training and assessment platform, they will benefit from a significant cost saving.
  • Update – they may manage some elements internally, the Hiscox Risk Academy will provide huge efficiencies and save resource.


  • A library of IOSH Approved eLearning courses.


  • A portfolio of document templates including health and safety policies, risk assessments and guidance documents.


  • Access to online risk assessment tools for the workforce for risk areas such as Display Screen Equipment, Driving, Homeworking, New and Expectant Mothers.

Ask the Expert

  • Access to an expert for guidance and advise as required.

Value to the policyholder will vary depending on the size of the organisation. The more employees the greater the cost of managing training and risk.

The table below indicates the indicative annual costs for the service being
offered on the Hiscox Risk Academy for FREE.

Company size Annual cost
10 £1,800
50 £4,000
100 £6,000
2000 £27,000

Source: Praxis42

Access and activation information will be provided as part of the policy
information. The Hiscox Risk Academy can then be set up and access provided to all employees, with access to content tailored specifically to the duties and risks the employees are exposed to.