Complimentary phone advice

All Hiscox customers get access to the following free services as part of your cover.




Free media and PR support even before a claim is made

All customers benefit from crisis containment cover up to 25k in costs.

If you are aware of an incident that could lead to a claim that is covered under your policy with us, we give you free access to leading PR online, legal and social media experts to manage the situation and protect your reputation.

External support is provided by Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

Call 0800 8402783 to receive your media, legal and PR support

Subject to policy terms. Using this service won’t affect your claims history and is completely free of charge.


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Legal support helpline

All customers receive unlimited access to a helpline where you can talk to experts on a range of issues free of charge. Areas covered by this helpline include: Employment law, Prosecutions, Discrimination in the work place, Health & safety and European law.

External support is provided by DAS.

Call 0800 8402269 for our complimentary legal support.