Introducing the Hiscox refer-a-friend scheme

October 2nd, 2020 .
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Many happy Hiscox customers have encouraged us to launch a refer-a-friend scheme. You asked, we listened and now, we’ve delivered.

Hiscox policy holders can use our first digital refer-a-friend scheme to introduce friends and family to Hiscox and receive up to £100 as a reward. Referrers will also have the option to share the reward 50-50 with the person they referred. 

To qualify, both parties must be UK residents and the referrer must be a current Hiscox UK policy holder. The referee must purchase the new policy direct from Hiscox via the refer-a-friend scheme journey and the policy needs to be worth £250 (excluding Insurance Premium Tax) or more per year.

This doesn’t just apply to business cover, either – Hiscox customers can also refer friends and family for home insurance.

We have partnered with Aklamio (external link) to set up an online portal that lets you easily track the progress of your referral.  

For the full conditions for the refer-a-friend scheme, take a look through our T&Cs (external link).

Refer a friend to receive up to £100.

Keep or share your reward. T&Cs apply.

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How the refer-a-friend scheme works

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What can I expect when I refer a friend?

  • Choose your reward

    When you first start using our refer a friend portal, you can pick from keeping the £100 reward to yourself or sharing it with the person you refer (half and half). 
  •  Refer a friend

    You can send your personal referral link through email, WhatsApp or using your specific QR code.
  • Receive your referral reward

    If your referee/friend takes out a new home or business insurance policy totalling £250 (excluding Insurance Premium Tax) or more per year direct from Hiscox and remains a customer for three months, you’ll receive up to £100 as a reward. Other T&Cs apply (external link). Aklamio processes all payment requests and will help with queries.
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What can I expect after being referred?

  • Receive referral link

    When someone refers you to us, you’ll receive your friend’s personal referral link through email, WhatsApp or via a QR code.
  • Follow link and purchase your policy – online or over the phone

    Follow the link and set up your new policy. You can do this over the phone for home insurance or by phone or online for business insurance.
  • Receive your share of the referral fee

    If you take out a new home or business insurance policy totalling £250 (excluding Insurance Premium Tax) or more per year direct from Hiscox, stay with us for at least three months after your purchase and your referrer chooses to split the reward, you’ll receive your share of the referral bonus. Other T&Cs apply (external link)

Receiving a business or home insurance referral cash reward

  • Hiscox policy holders cannot self-refer for renewals on existing policies
  • Reward is payable only when referred individuals purchase new policies which are worth £250 (excluding Insurance Premium Tax) or more per year
  • The referee must remain a Hiscox customer for three months post-referral policy purchase for both parties to receive the reward
  • Hiscox is not responsible for reward payments
  • Your referral reward is paid by Aklamio after extensive validation checks 
  • Reward rates are subject to change
  • Our refer-a-friend scheme is only available to UK policy holders
  • Our standard eligibility criteria applies to anyone using our refer-a-friend scheme

Please see the full T&Cs for the scheme here (external link)

We’ve partnered with Aklamio to set up and run our referral scheme. If you have any queries about your reward payment, please contact Aklamio (external link) directly. Aklamio manage communications and process reward payments. 

Customer service was fantastic. Well spoken and well versed in the policy offering. I have actually referred 2 additional clients that have signed up as well.
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Refer someone you know and receive up to £100

Referring is quick and easy

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Refer-a-friend scheme: FAQs

To help answer any questions you might have, we’ve put together these helpful FAQs. If you still need some guidance, you can contact Aklamio customer support (external link). Hiscox does not manage reward payments.

What kind of policy purchases are eligible for the business or home insurance scheme?

Any Hiscox policy holder can refer, no matter the policy. For a referee policy purchase to be eligible for the refer-a-friend reward it must be a new business or home insurance policy purchased direct from Hiscox through the refer-a-friend scheme portal. The policy needs to cost £300 or more (excluding Insurance Premium Tax) per year (external link). The scheme is not available for renewals or existing policies and can only be claimed by UK residents. Other T&Cs apply (external link).

When will the business or home insurance referral fee be paid out?

Did you refer a friend to Hiscox for business or home insurance and are awaiting your reward? After three months, validation checks will be made on the new policy purchased by the referred person. You will only receive your reward if the referred individual has remained with Hiscox for three months after policy purchase, and if the validation goes through. Your referral reward will be issued by Aklamio. Full T&Cs apply (external link).

How much is the refer-a-friend reward for Hiscox business or home insurance?

Are you an existing Hiscox policy holder? If so, you’ll receive up to £100 when you successfully refer a friend for a new Hiscox business or home insurance worth £300 (excluding Insurance Premium Tax) or more annually. When you first start the referral process, you can choose to keep the reward yourself or share it with your friend, half and half.

If the referee chooses to buy home insurance via the refer-a-friend scheme instead of business cover, do any different rules apply?

No, the only difference for the referee is that home insurance can only be purchased over the phone, while business insurance is available to buy both online and via a phone call. 

Otherwise, the Hiscox refer-a-friend scheme experience will be the same for both referrers and referees whether the referee chooses to buy insurance cover for their business or their home.

Who do I get in touch with if I have questions about the scheme?

If you have any a query about the refer-a-friend scheme, you can contact Aklamio Customer Support (external link). The team there will be able to assist you with any queries around:

  • General enquiries about the refer-a-friend scheme
  • Reward payment options
  • Reward payments

Tracking your referral and reward payment

Keeping track of a referral and reward payment is quick and easy for both the referrer and the referee – all you need to do is sign up for an Aklamio account via the Hiscox Referral Portal.

Once you have set up your account, you can track your referral. You’ll receive your payment quickly and easily after three months and once all validation checks have been completed. 

You can read more about the Aklamio post-purchase journey (external link) on their website, learn about how they work and what you can expect. 

Get in touch with Aklamio through their online help centre (external link), by emailing [email protected] or calling +44 1576 820030 – customer service is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Introduce a friend using our refer-a-friend scheme

Receive up to £100 for a successful referral

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