Is Hiscox Cyber and Data Risks Insurance right for your business?

As businesses become ever more reliant on technology and hold more and more data, the risks from suffering a loss related to problems with their computer systems or from holding sensitive customer data continue to grow. This can lead to costs from handling a data breach, lost revenue, a damaged reputation, and legal and regulatory costs, not to mention the associated business disruption.

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Hiscox Cyber and Data Risks Insurance is suitable for a wide range of sectors, including:

  • accountancy
  • advertising and marketing
  • construction
  • consultancy
  • education
  • law
  • manufacturing
  • publishing
  • recruitment
  • technology
  • telecoms
  • transport

If you hold customer data such as names, addresses or banking information, or if your business is dependent on or uses computer systems as part of its activities, then it is important to understand the impact of a data breach, interruption to your systems or a claim for failing to keep customers’ personal data secure. It could come as a result of a lost laptop or memory stick, a hacker attack or an email sent to the wrong person. How would your business react; would it be able to cope? With Hiscox Cyber and Data Risks cover your business would get the practical support it needs to get to the root of a problem and the security of knowing that losses and costs would be covered.

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