Exhibitor insurance

We understand how much time and money goes into making a successful exhibit at a trade show. Our exhibitor insurance allows you to focus on creating your stand safe in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong, your investment will be protected.

Whether you’re personally overseeing the management of your stand or entrusting its success to colleagues, our exhibitor insurance means your needs as a business are covered. 

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exhibitor insurance

Why choose Hiscox for exhibitor insurance?

The exhibitor insurance we offer covers the things you’ve thought of – and a few you haven’t. At an exhibition, the two worlds of employees and prospective customers meet, so you’ll need the protection to ensure they co-exist safely.

With public liability cover available up to £10 million, employers’ liability cover should one of your team (including volunteers) get injured, along with optional property cover for owned and hired equipment, and cancellation cover, we can offer the protection you need to run a successful event. 

What is exhibitor insurance?

If your business relies on regular appearances at trade shows, conventions and other professional displays, you’ll spend a lot of time travelling between conference centres and exhibition halls in a bid to reach new customers.

While public liability insurance for exhibitors is an important part of the cover, there’s more to the story than setting up and showing off. From the moment you and your employees hit the road, to the dismantling of your stand ready for the next show, your business needs the protection that comes with the safe and secure interaction between staff and public.

Hiscox event exhibitor insurance is a portfolio of the key insurances designed to meet the needs of exhibitors, combining:

  • cancellation and disruption 
  • loss or damage to property 
  • liabilities (exhibition organisers usually require you to have liability insurance in place)

Based on the same quality approach as our event organiser insurances, our exhibitor insurance includes useful extensions – not just for the duration of the event but the run-up too – including getting your people there. 

Do I need exhibitor insurance for an event?

Exhibitors rely on a variety of external factors to ensure that each trade show is a success for their company. Whether it’s the general safety of the public or the wellbeing of your employees, if the worst should happen you could be liable for thousands of pounds. An accident at your stall or the cancellation of an event could leave you out of pocket. Exhibitor insurance is designed to help ensure those losses are protected. 

We offer exhibitor insurance with a range of flexible cover options – to help keep things running smoothly from the moment your employees depart to the moment the curtain comes down. Exhibitor insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the UK, but some trade bodies and clients may expect you’re covered to a minimum level of public liability insurance before you can add your name to the list of delegates. 

When should I get exhibitor insurance?

We encourage exhibitors to arrange their insurance at as early a stage as possible. That way if there’s a change in circumstances that means your event is postponed or cancelled, the risk of you losing money can be minimised.

How much event exhibitor insurance cover will I need?

When you take out a policy with us, you’ll be able to cover up to £10 million. However, how much you decide to cover for depends very much on the type of trade shows and events you frequent. We’d encourage prospective policyholders to consider things like the number of expected attendees, and the size of the stand you’ll be responsible for setting up. 

A trade fair taking place at a national convention centre is likely to entail a greater level of risk than one which you set up at a local community event, both in terms of attendance and the organisation that’s needed for it to all run smoothly. 


What’s included in your exhibitor cover?

Our dedicated exhibitor insurance website offers a fast and cost-effective solution. Key features of cover include:

  • £5 million public liability cover as standard
  • Three alternative packages of cover to suit different sized stands, plus a liability-only option
  • Three currency options (sterling, euro or US dollar)

Exhibitor insurance FAQs

How much is exhibitor insurance?

Exhibitor insurance costs vary depending on the different types of cover you’re looking to purchase. Prices also vary based on the limits covered. These different limits depend on the specifics of your line of work, as well as the events for which you’re applying for insurance. Perceived risks differ between different events – for example, number of expected attendees or duration of a typical event.

Does exhibitor insurance cover event disruption or cancellation?

Yes, Hiscox event exhibitor insurance protects your business from the costs of a cancelled event, or a disruption which may occur such as curtailment or postponement.

Does exhibitor insurance cover public liability in my day-to-day?

No. Although your trade show delegates would be covered over the course of their journey to and from events, the rest of your business matters would require their own form of insurance. Business insurance would cover the day-to-day matters of running a business, such as public liability in your workplace and cyber insurance to protect customer and client data.