In a media first, we are using real-time cyber attacks in the creative for our latest advertising campaign – CyberLive.

Three ‘honeypot’ servers (the type of servers typically used by a small business) were set-up specifically for the campaign and the data from them feeds into live digital posters at prominent stations. Each time a cyber attack occurs, it triggers a pulsing red light on the poster, which gradually builds as further attacks occur and resets every 24 hours.  The more attacks there are to the servers, the more the poster headline visually reacts.

You can find out more on how this was done by watching our short video.

Hiscox CyberLive Campaign

Based on initial trials, the number of attempted attacks (and pulsing dots) each day is averaging 23,000 so over the course of the campaign the proxy servers are expected to be the target of circa 148,000 attempted attacks. The maximum number of attacks detected since 11th January when the servers went live, is 61,805 in one 24 hour period.

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