A roadshow to remember: Adapting to change

On the 18th of April our schemes team kicked off a tour of the UK which began in Edinburgh. All aspects of schemes were discussed over the three weeks; from taking an initial idea and building it into a successful scheme, to how you continually adapt and develop it in order to thrive in a continually changing market.

Brokers from around the UK got to hear from key members of the Hiscox schemes team on topics such as; changing consumers, transforming to stay alive, the evolution of schemes, effective ecommerce strategies and creating the perfect scheme.

We have published the slide deck (external link) that the team presented at the events, so please feel free to take a look through or share with your colleagues.

If you would like a member of the team to talk through the presentation with you, please let us know and we will happily arrange a visit to discuss.

As mentioned at the events, your first port of call for any new, or existing scheme ideas, is to speak to your local Hiscox underwriter. Alternatively, we've created an online business planning tool which may help bring your idea to life.