If your main home is insured with Hiscox, we can provide insurance for your second home too. Both properties will be on the same policy so you'll just have one document to file and one premium to pay. And most aspects of the policy will apply to both properties, so if you’ve added legal expenses insurance to your main policy it’ll also apply to your second home. Things like home emergency cover can be applied to each property individually.

Both properties will benefit from our unlimited cover

To help make sure you're never underinsured, we'll provide both properties with unlimited cover. So whatever the value of your loss, you can be confident you're protected. You only need to list any items, pairs or sets worth £15,000 or more and give us a total value for any jewellery, art and collections.

For certain claims there's a maximum amount we'd pay, including claims for things like tracing and repairing a leak. However, the cover we provide is still higher than most other home insurance policies.

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Key benefits of our second home cover:

  • Unlimited cover – the total amounts we'll pay for loss and damage to your buildings and contents are unlimited unless stated otherwise in your policy documents
  • No need to list any individual items, pairs or sets unless they’re worth £15,000 or more so you don’t have to spend time listing everything you own
  • Home office cover – if you added this to your main home policy
  • Legal expenses cover – if you added this to your main home policy
  • No claims discount protection – if you added this to your main home policy
  • Optional home emergency cover – £1,000 of cover per claim for emergency repairs at your second home

To find out more about the cover that applies to both properties, read your Hiscox Home Insurance policy documents:

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