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Hiscox Business Insurance Customer Reviews

Read what our customers are saying about us

The art of conversation.

We never forget that who we insure is as important as what we insure. That is why we ask our customers to rate their overall satisfaction, so you can see what other Hiscox business insurance customers are saying about their experience with Hiscox.

The reviews are collected and managed for Hiscox by an independent third party. We then use this feedback as part of our ongoing improvements.

"How satisfied are you with the service you've received from Hiscox today?"

93.4% customers rated their experience as a 9 out of 10 or higher.


Hiscox Customer Ratings

4.67 out of 5

(26633 customer survey's conducted 1st Jan - 21st Sept 2016)

"Very good service! I was really impressed the first time I used you. I hope it is a long and fruitful relationship. Thank you."

"Just a very speedy service. So, that was great. Thank you."

"The service was very good thank you."

"I did get cut off in the early part of the call, the phone just went dead, but I called back and restarted the process very quickly. Other than that, it was a very painless experience. Thank you very much."

"I had a great service from Hiscox today. They really listened to the details of my inquiry and sent the documents through even before I finished the phone call. So, I was really happy with it and just wanted to say thanks very much."

"I worked with Natasha and it has been great. Thanks a lot."

"Very helpful and comprehensive information."

"I was very impressed with what happened. So, it was all very good for me. Thank you."

"I think the lady who took my call did an excellent job. I posed quite a difficult question and I think I may have even caught her at the last minute of her working day, but she was.. very polite all the way through. Thank you."

"The information that you gave me was very clear."

"Excellent customer service, but Hiscox can not help me directly. Natasha put me on to another company, one of the brokers for Hiscox. I'm very impressed. Thank you."

"The agents I spoke to today were very helpful. They explained what I was looking for. I'm really happy with the way they provided the information. Thanks."

"The service today was very good. The chap, Asif, was very helpful. He is very informed and courteous. So, that is grand. Thank you very much indeed."

”I just gave you a 10. Thank you.”

”It took a long time. It was a half hour conversation to explain that I am an IT contractor who will be working on financial systems. Now all the information I gave has been referred to the underwriting team. I will wait to hear what the impact will be to the policy. I thought that as a specialist IT contracting organisation you would be able to deal with my query much quicker than that. I don't see why it took 30 minutes to go through this. So that is my comment. I am waiting to hear what the impact will be to my policy. So I am neither satisfied or dissatisfied. I am undecided. Thank you.”

”Good information from the guy I spoke to. Thank you.”

”Very polite and very helpful.”

”My call went well. I'm satisfied with what happened. Thank you.”

”Give us the details of the policy documents that are not available online. That would be much appreciated, thank you.”

”The person that I spoke to, Yvonne, was extremely friendly and very efficient, so I was very happy.”

”Very happy with the service.”

”No improvement needed. Thank you.”

”Very happy with the service, no improvements required.”

”Thank you very much. I'm quite satisfied with the business services I received today over the telephone with the two people I spoke with. Perhaps you might want to offer some improvements. I want to introduce some music in between, you know. passing the caller to the next person in your office. The line went dead for a couple of seconds, I wasn't sure I was still on the call. So that's it, thank you very much.”

”Very good service, thank you.”

”Excellent customer service.”

”You dealt with the query that I requested very well.”

”I thought that the guy, Hamilton, was great. Very informative, very helpful and I hope things go well in the future. Cheers.”

”The advice was good and the offer of a hibernation service was very useful. I found Miriam very helpful, but also very willing to do what I wanted. So, she was good. Thank you.”

"Very satisfactory indeed and very helpful. Thank you.”

"The gentleman was very helpful and very informative. He put me on hold because he couldn't answer the question with a clear and precise answer. He's going to confirm by email. I would recommend you highly. Thank you very much."

”I found Natasha who was very helpful and friendly. I just wish I was given a small amount that I was requesting as a refund based on what Hiscox allows by the underwriters. Natasha didn't have authority to approve that and it was declined by the underwriters.”

”Absolutely brilliant and very professional. They explained everything fully and were very apologetic, but I could not do anything until I spoke to the person who is named on the policy. Very professional, very good, I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever.”

”Very happy with the service... quite efficient. It got me to where I needed to be.”

”No problems, you just weren't in a position to insure me, so you put me on to one of your colleagues. That was all.”

”The operator dealt with my claim very effectively, I am very, very happy.”

”I was very happy with everything. Thank you.”

”The advisor I spoke with was really knowledgeable and she understood my query. She was just superb on the call and she just did everything exceptionally well. I think she is an asset to your company.”

”You did fine. The only thing to do was to speed up the answer. Thanks.”

”Both people I spoke to on the phone today to make the changes to my insurance were very helpful and very efficient. I have no complaints and would recommend you. Thank you very much.”

”I received a quote from Claire and then spoke to another adviser, Karen, both of whom were extremely friendly. They explained everything very, very clearly, and I'm extremely happy with the quote. I've gone ahead and bought the cover that I needed from you. Thank you.”

”Everything was great. I organized the insurance that I needed very quickly and the Hiscox employee was very professional.”

”Very impressed with your agents. Great price, great service. Clear and accurate. That's all I need to say. Thank you.”

”Happy with the speed of service! We arranged a further date to continue.”

”I was quite impressed actually. The efficiency of Peter in comprehending and understanding my specific requirements was great. He'll get back to me today. That is really efficient. That's why I'm grateful for that.”

”Okay, I was expecting somebody to be able to advise me on what insurance is out there. When you're trying to sort out something that you're new to, it doesn't help that the people can't give out advice on what type of policy is most appropriate. Nevermind... Ok... Thank you.”

”Yvonne was very professional, very friendly and helpful. It was a good customer experience. The problem I raised with her was the fact that I had received policy documents that had 'on hold' put on them. This was a systems error apparently. I think from the point of view of Hiscox, generally, that it should be corrected independently of the customer having to ring up and complain. So Yvonne's performance was brilliant, but I think that there is a lesson in remediation of system errors and how they affect clients.”

”A very pleasant lady, Karen, and very helpful.”

”The service was very well done.”

”It was an excellent customer service.”

”Very happy with everything. Thank you.”

”I found Karen very helpful. She was very informative and happy to repeat things I didn't quite understand. I didn't feel rushed and also, I didn't feel pressured into buying a policy, which interestingly is a paradox. It makes you more motivated or rather more likely to try to take the policy out. I don't have any recommendations of how she could improve it because she did very well.”

”Collette was very concise and helpful.”

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