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When did chairs become works of art?

Originally designed to fulfil a simple function in the home, chairs have become closer to works of art with the advent of modern materials and contemporary designs. So when is a chair not just a chair?

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Why do wines go in and out of fashion?

A wine region and grape can be on the top table for years and then suddenly fall from grace. Wine writer Zeren Wilson charts the rise, fall… and rise again of the likes of Chardonnay and Merlot to find out why our tastes change.

St Ouens House, St Ouens, United Kingdom. Architect: Hudson Architects, 2013. Exterior view at dusk.

What do architects think of home extensions?

The home extension can say as much about the architect as it does the owner – from bold artistic statement to environmental complement. Four architecture firms reveal the thinking behind their glorious designs to Dominic Lutyens

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How to curate your own art collection

As the Frieze Art Fair gets underway in London, Whitney Hintz, Curator of Hiscox’s art collection, offers tips on how you can best put together a great art collection of your own.


Where are we buying jewellery?

Are you comfortable buying a necklace or ring over the internet – or do you need to hold it in your hand? Sarah Royce-Greensill from Telegraph Luxury checks out the online market for fine jewellery